Roewe is a company of vehicle maker created by the Chinese company SAIC Motor in 2006. Roewe vehicles at the time of initiation were  based on technology of vanished British company MG Rover. SAIC was not able to buy the rights of the Rover name and then created the Roewe as a alternative.


ROEWE is a Automotive Company situated in China.The company is founded by an another Chinese automaker SAIC Motor in 2006. The main manufacture office is situated in Shanghai,China. The ROEWE Automobiles are now comes under another British car manufacture company named MG Motors also named as MORRIS GARRAGE. ROEWE tried to buy the brand name ‘Rover’ but failed(instead this was bought by Ford). So they created a new brand name called Roewe marque instead of Roewe Rover. They sell most of their under MG Motors. MG Motors recently Launch their cars in india and get love from all the buyers. Now they planed to launch their suv named Roewe RX5/MG RX5.

This is the logo of  Roewe Rover automotive. Which was replaced by the first logo that show in the up of it.


SAIC Motor is the biggest automotive manufacture company in China. SAIC Motors won many famous brand like Roewe, Volkswagen, MG, Skoda like big big car companies. They manufacture cars, truck, bus and many other vehicle. They produce 5,620,200 units of vehicle in 2014. SAIC Motor ranks 39th among Fortune Global 500. SAIC Motors of china has a very aggressive plan for India upcoming year.

New Models: 

Roewe Marvel X:

Roewe Marvel X

The Roewe Marvel X car is a mid-length Crossover Utility Vehicle(CUV) with a fastback. The electrical model of this same model released in 2018 Beijing auto show.

Roewe RX8:

Roewe RX8

The Roewe RX8 is Roewe's highend model with full size Sport Utility Vehicle(SUV) that released in April 2018 on the Beijing auto display, with the Maxus D90.

Roewe RX5/ eRX5/ ERX5/ RX5 Plus:

Roewe officially unveiled Roewe RX5 on 9th June 2016, its was the first internet based car with SAIC. It was priced upwards of $22,300 and delevaries were started from Auguest with the regular RX5.
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