Android 11 Beta Update!

Android 11 Beta Update! -MergeZone
 Android 11


Android officials recently organized a online developers event where they released  the Android 11 Beta version and more about it,naming the event #Android 11 : The Beta Launch Show.As they were unable to host Google I/O and meet people in person at this situation they are hosted this Android 11 online event managed by VP of the Engineering Mr. Dave Burke.Due to Corona Virus Pandemic Google I/O is cancelled and all the releases along with Android 11 were extended to June.The Android officials has posted a trailer video of Beta Launch Show regarding the Android 11 event on 3rd June at 11 AM ET(8.30 PM IST) where they published and presents all the features of Android 11 and it's all details.Android team also posted a #AskAndroid for those who want to ask anything regarding new version of Android and they answered the questions on the event held online.

The final of Android 11 Beta 1 will be out on June 3 and and in July Beta 2 and finally in August Beta 3.In Beta 1 Android will come up with the final SDK and NDK APIs and Google Apps targeting Android 11.In Beta 2 Android 11 will get Platform stability and finally in Beta 3 they will release the final API for testing and ensuring every stability of the Platform,so that later in Q3 they users do not have issues.

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What's new in Android 11


In time of better user experience notification and conversation plays a vital role in a smartphone.These are also the most urgent request from the users.In Android 11 a dedicated persistent space is added for the notifications for a quick response and respond to the message.There will be a separate section for Conversation and also users might see an unread message indicator.You can also do in-line replies,predicted replies and long-press any conversation and mark it as important.There will be a dedicated section at the top of the shade for one chat app to a Conversation spaces and make the conversation feature better than Android 10.

Android 11 Beta Update! -MergeZone
Conversation And Notifiactions

Android 11 Beta Update! -MergeZone
Bubble Conversation


Bubbles used to keep the conversation in a floating view and accessible during Multitasking.The user can grab a conversation that they're actively engaging with,pull it out into a bubble that floats on top of the phone display.It will be same as Android 10 Bubbles but with BubbleMetadata that means user can use it in conversation spaces using the same id for conversation space and this time it’s resizable.

Voice Access Consolidated IMEs Suggetions

For the advantage of the handicraft and for those users who most of the time control their phone using assistant and voice, there is going to be an on-device visual cortex that realizes the screen content and context, and generates labels and access points for voice commands.

Consolidated keyboard Suggetions let Autofill applications and Input Method Editors securely context-specific entities and strings in an IME’s suggestion strip as these  are one of the most important for a smartphone users.


In Android 11, developers created a new dedicated persistent space for the Internet of Things(IOT) controls for quickly find and use the features at any time.There will be a power menu for this means by simply pressing the power button users are able to control the devices easily and instantly.And user can choose the set of controls they want to.
Android 11 Beta Update! -MergeZone
Media Controls


  1. Auto Permission Reset :

    If there is any app which  haven’t used for a long time, Android 11 will have an “Auto-Reset” feature where all of the runtime permissions regarding with the particular application will end and notify the device user if he/she enables it and then the application will send a request for the permissions again if next time the application is opened.

  1. One-time permission :

     using this feature user have to give one app access to device's mic, camera,location or anything else the app want only for one time and if next the app is used then the app can request permissions to the users.
  2. Background location :

     Google Developers once announced that they will get the approval to access the background location of the apps of the device so that they can prevent misuse of it. And finally Android Officials renounced that developers will make some changes and will apply for existing apps before 2021.
Android 11 Beta Update! -MergeZone
Privacy Options

Android 11 Bugs And Fixes

After the launch of Android 11 Beta many users faces some major and minor Bugs and some issues using latest android version.As users were facing some issues Google released Beta 1.5 to fix the bugs and problems also making it a Google pay support,although it was not the 2nd Beta,as the 2nd phase of the Beta will release on July.

Some major bugs fixed by the 1.5 fix update were

  1.  Failure of eSIM on the Goggle Pixel & Google Pixel 3a.
  2. Repeated  reboots time of using gesture navigation.
  3. Certain reboots when converting apps from landscape to portrait and it’s vice versa.
  4. Slow Bluetooth pairing and sudden disconnection. 

Eligible Devices

  • Pixel 2
  • Pixel 2 XL
  • Pixel 3a
  • Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 4
  • Pixel 4 XL
Noted that You can also use Android Emulator to check the compatibility of the Platform.