Apple Let Indian Users To Customize & Configure MacBook and Desktop Based On Requirements

Apple already stepped in india with a huge market and a some great products in cheap price asin  india they are making a vast amount of money and growing big and now Apple also decided to let the indian Apple users configure and customize the MacBook Pro,MacBook Air and Mack Desktop as much as they need for them.Also this facility is only available offline in some specialized Apple Retail shop in India but might be very soon they will make some online facility too.America and Canada had this program for a quite long time and now its in india.As a result of indian apple users huge demand for custom configuration of apple product.It will let the buyer chose what they need like how much RAM & ROM and its brand also and Graphics too and etc as much as the buyers want there is no such limits of customization.It will roll out by June 2020 said by the Apple officials.

Apple named this program Custom-To-Order aka CTO and Build-To-Order aka BTO where you can customize the product after its manufacture by doing manually else you can also do it before manufacture and make it neat and clean.Although for farther detailed info you can check Apple India Site.

After the customization and order user have to wait a lot based on the availability and also as it is only available offline and not even in the upcoming and existed Apple online shop not even in any E-Commerce app or site.And also users cant order or buy any part of the customization separately like RAM ROM Graphics etc like America and Canada.Also noted that the customization is only available on Imac,MacBook,Macbook pro and desktop and the customization parts are pre-set that means you cant just attach any of the part to the product which is briefly listed in the Apple India Website.

The user requirements customization is not cheap at all and it will cost the buyer approximately 20-30 Thousand on upgrading or customization of only 16GB Ram in MacBook. So at the end it will cost you more than the usual upgrading or customization of any other Laptop/Desktop Brand.
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