MG Motors/ Morris Garage is a Chinese car Company. Like other car companies ‘MG Motors’ also have their own sub brand company named ‘ROEWE’. Like ‘Tata Motor’s sub brand is ‘LAND ROVER’. MG RX5 and MG eRX5 are the first two cars launch in India. Basically MG RX5 and eRX5 are compact crossover SUV that manufacture by MG Motors sub brand ROEWE. It has a lot of similarities with Volkswagen models which is actually acceptable because they are under the same umbrella of psychic motors.

PRICE: starts with 14lakh on ex-showroom.


*Front design: The ultimate combination of sporty elegance and practical design comes with this car.This car comes with a aggressive sporty front styling with the signature style mg grille(glossy chrome colour) between two headlamps.A large lower air-intake draws a massive amount of air direct to the engine.which helps to enhance the power of engine.

*Rear design: From the back, this car also makes a sporty impression with it’s sporty spoiler, 3D rear LED tail lamps  and bridge-type roof rack , bumper and massive muscular shark fenders.

*Features: you've got LED DRLs headlamps fog lamps and enough chrome that will actually make even Colossus hit on this thing. you've got your average lines on the sides which begin up front and fade as they get to the back. you've got repeaters on your power folding mirrors, 18-inch wheels, 50 series road tires and 175 millimeters of ground clearance.
now the rear will at some angles and maybe because of the color - it kind of resembles a behind the sporty rear lamps ,if you open up the boot you're looking at 595 litres of space if you fold the second row ,you're looking at over 1600 liters of space.

now more durable leather is predominant here at the rear on seats. that have minimal bolstering. they aren't firm but rather they're've got air vents up front. a 12 volt socket found down below. two cupholders. on the center armrest two more on either door and speakers  you also got a massive panoramic glass of course which gives it a very cool premium and expensive look.
you've got your standard trip computer in the center flanked by your speedometer and your tack buttons on the steering wheel. a different button on the right for the cruise control. and you also get a eight inch touchscreen infotainment system which is your reverse camera and has apple carplay looks and feels just right.
Engine: there are Five trim levels available to purchasethe car, each can be relied upon to provide a driving experience. Choose from the 1.5T STD, 1.5T COM, 1.5T LUX, 2.0T COM, and 2.0T LUX,

and take advantage of ever-more choice in technology the further up the range you go.This new MG RX5 comes with the option oftwo engines. The first, a 2.0T engine delivering 350Nm of torque and 221bhp, races from 0-100kmh in as little as 8.2 seconds; the second, a 1.5T engine capable of 169bhp and 250Nm of torque, meanwhile, returns impressive fuel economy of 6.8l per 100km. Take your pick of model depending on your requirements - both will more than impress.

MG eRX5:
Design: The mg eRX5 is the fully electric version of rx5.This is almost same looking car with a larger grille in glossy chrome finishing.its the plug-in hybrid RX5.with the charging port and the massive grille,you can easily identify this car is a fully electric car. This measures 4,554 mm length, 1,855 mm width and 1,716 mm of length.

Performance: This comes with a Poweful 85 kw electric motor,which produce a maxx torque of 255 Nm.for this the car can reach a top speed of135km/h. When it comes to battery,it also have a very large battery of 48.3kWh. In a optimize condition with a full chage this car provides a rangr of 425 km(when driven at 60 kmph).This battery takes almost 7 hours to fully charge using the AC charger. And it can chage upto 80% in just 40 minutes using the DC charger. As per the company claims that the battery will loss its 20% in five years and less than 30% in eight years.

Price: starts at INR 28.70 lakh.


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