Tata Motors:Tata Goshaq Sedan Launch date in India, Specs & Images

Tata Motors:Tata Goshaq Sedan Launch date in India, Specs & Images -MergeZone

Tata Goshaq: 

Tata motors is planning to launch their new cars in India from their all new car making plateform ALFA. The company is planing to lainch 14-15 cars in the country in the enxt 3-4 years. The company is already launches their new ALFA concept cars, Tata HBX. now working on two new sedans, codenamed Tata Pnegrin ang Tata Goshaq.

In the past few years there has been a shift from sedans to compact sedans in the Indian Automotive market. On the other side there has a growth in SUV’s in India. So, Tata is slowly making their SUV lineup more stronger, it is expected of them to have many plans of  sedans to make their portfolio stronger. This car is internally codenamed as the Tata Goshaq.But these is not the official name for this car. The production name of  Tata Goshaq may change. Here is the list of the expectations features from the Tata Goshaq.

This car will be based on the ALFA concept of Tata Motors. This is a full size complete 4-seater seadan. This car also will come with the 5-star rating from global NCAP. Tata Goshaq design will be inspired from IMPACT 2.0 design.

According to the sources Tata Goshaq will be coming as the complete replacement of Tata Zest. This car’s cabin is expected to share features,design and styling with the Tata Altroz.It will have a large touch-screen display with Android and Apple carplay enable, navigation & voice recognition functions. Also see-Upcoming tata cars

Tata Motors:Tata Goshaq Sedan Launch date in India, Specs & Images -MergeZone

This Tata Goshaq has larg panoramic sunroof with a ALFA new design. It also have adjustable driver and side passenger seat,Auto-climate control with AC vents in the rear seats.

This sedan possibly comes with 2 engine options –  

a>1.2-litre, 3-cylinder petrol which makes more powerful version of the sedan, which is likely to get the new 100bhp

b>1.5-litre, 4-cylinder diesel. Both manual and automatic gearbox options.

 The exact launch date is yet to be announced, but it is likely to 
arrive in the end of 2021 or early 2022.

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BMW vision next 100

Tata Motors:Tata Goshaq Sedan Launch date in India, Specs & Images -MergeZone

this is the BMW vision next 100 this is what they picture the next 100 years of BMW to involved .and this is called alive geometry. so what happens is when he turns the wheel obviously because this is all enclosed. there needs to be some room here for the wheel to actually turn so as it turns this expands and contracts.that is one of the coolest features on this car. vehicle order to open the doors it's just a sensor. here you have to touch the sensor. it's completely covered in gold like you cannot see inside this car except for the front windscreen.

Tata Motors:Tata Goshaq Sedan Launch date in India, Specs & Images -MergeZone

there are some pretty  cool features on this car. we go around to the front seat actually because that's where you're going to see it best. this has level for autonomy. that means it can drive fully on its own but if you would like to drive it you can so. It does have a steering wheel and it has pedals. we can actually make this steering wheel completely disappear if you want to in autonomous mode. all you see is this little bit of the handle. if you push this here it will come back home again.

the other cool thing is when you're in driving mode all of the lights go red and you can see here at the front that little diamond here also goes red.  in autonomous mode this diamond comes up here. This light here on the front actually starts to flick because if you're a pedestrian right or if you're another car on the road you want to know when a car next to you is driving in autonomous mode. they're like the coolest features in here. obviously for seats you've got quite like wide bucket seats in the back. this is kind of a theme that you see a lot in these autonomous cars that we're looking to in the future.

Tata Motors:Tata Goshaq Sedan Launch date in India, Specs & Images -MergeZone

in the back just look at these wings as they come up. I love these doors and this also changes.when you're in driver self-driving mode and autonomous it changes to white you.