5 Best Free Android Launcher in 2021

Android known as widely use mobile operating system, almost 2.5 billion active users.Android is a open-source operating system so that anyone can download it's source and build a customize version of android. That's why almost every smartphone manufacturers uses android as base OS of their Smartphone with a Custom UI (MIUI, Oxygen OS, ONE UI etc.). Every manufacturer uses their components into their Custom UI, Launcher is one of them that's unknown to some users. You can increase your smartphone's functionality  by changing your launcher. That's why we bring to you 5 most famous android launcher that you should try now.

POCO Launcher 2.0- Customize, Fresh & Clean

POCO Launcher

Poco launcher is one of the most popular launcher offered by Xiaomi Inc. POCO launcher known for it's fluency and stability. Poco launcher first came up in 2018 with Pocophone F1 exclusive only but after some time it's available to all and it was also awarded with one of the best android app of the year in 2018 by Android Authority.

Features of Poco Launcher

  1. Group Apps automatically(Game, Social selection etc.).
  2. Password protected App Vault(Hide app in app vault with a password protection).
  3. Ram Optimization(Dedicated button to clear ram cache).
  4. More.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is well known launcher since a very long time ,this launcher has been offered by TeslaCoil Software. It was launched in 2012 and after 8 years it still in demand.

Features of Nova Launcher

  1. You can use custom icon packs.
  2. Night and Dark Mode Support.
  3. Customizable App Drawer.
  4. Backup and Restore Settings Support.
  5. Some features are exclusive to Nova Launcher Prime at 99/-                                                                    

Lawnchair 2

mergezone-lawnchair 2mergezone-lawnchair 2
                                                                Lawnchair 2 Launcher

Lawnchair 2 is the next gen launcher of Lawnchair offered by DeletescapeThis launcher is based on Google Pixel launcher but support a vast section of customization options.If you like pixel launcher a lot or need huge customization options in your launcher then go for it.

Features of Lawnchair 2

  1. Automatic Dark Mode based on time.
  2.  Notification Dots in apps.
  3. Google Feed support for news.
  4. Support New Recent Screen on Android 9+


Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is a  popular launcher, since last 5 years offered by Microsoft Corporation. It was first came up in 2015 and many user still use it for a better user experience.

Features of Microsoft Launcher

  1. Organize Contacts(You can organize your contact  into a folder on home screen).
  2. Gesture Customization(You can perform some actions by gestures).
  3. Continue on PC(Resume your task on a PC).
  4. More


Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

                                                                     Action  Launcher

Action Launcher first came up in 2013 and it's a another pixel launcher based launcher, this app is offered by Action Launcher. Action Launcher is Awarded with Best Android launchers of 2016 and Google Play's best apps of 2015.

Features of Action Launcher

  1. You get all Pixel Launcher Based features plus many more.
  2. Smart size icons(Automatically resize icon by Material Design's recommended size).
  3. At a Glance widget(View weather,date and calendar events).
  4. More.


Here is Some Commonly Asked Questions

    • Touch on the Google Play buttons to download above launchers.

    • After Installing go to home screen and there you can see a popup that ask you to select a launcher, there you select a launcher but you can also see some option called "Always" or "Once" please select it as you wish.
    • First open settings and navigate to apps and find the launcher and select it, there you can see uninstall option and to change launcher you need to clear defaults in same page and go to home screen there you can see option to re-select your launcher, or go to settings and search for 'defaults' and there you can see Launcher option, select your launcher and you all set.

    If you have any queries or you found this helpful please appreciate us on comments, Thank You