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Ujjayi Pranayama:

What is Ujjayi Pranayama?
Ujjayi Pranayama(breathing) is a Pranayama/breathing technique employed in a variety of Taoist and Yoga practices. This Pranayama  is sometimes called "the ocean breath". Unlike some other forms of Pranayama, the ujjayi Pranayama is typically done in association with sana/yoga practice in some styles of yoga as the exercise.

Steps and guidance of Ujjayi Pranayama:

ujjayi pranayama victorious breath or ocean's breath. which means that is going to be loud like the waves of the ocean sound  when you're on the beach .we're adding audio to our breath to our inhale and our exhales so that we are able to observe it without making too much effort. if you had a garden hose so you're watering some plants and you had to put your thumb over the garden hose that would increase the pressure in the water and the water would become a little firmer.
as it comes out so that's basically what's going to happen to the breath. inside the throat so we are going to slightly put a little bit of pressure constrict the walls of the throat in order to create this sound. it's not very stressful so when you're doing it make sure you're not putting a lot of pressure in a place. which makes you feel uncomfortable in your throat. it should be a pleasing relaxing sound. if it's a grating sound or you're feeling a lot of tiredness in your throat that means you're making too much effort. so you need to regulate how much effort you make while you're doing this pranayama sound.

usually when you're doing pranayama, you inhale and exhale through the nose and we will continue to do that. but just to experience the sound we are going to try breathing out to the mouth first.

First find a comfortable posture for yourself.  Then make sure that you're in an environment that helps you to relax and breed well. straighten up your spine bring the tips of the forefinger and the thumbs together.  take a nice deep inhale into the mouth. Do that three more times. relaxing the jaw every time inhale and exhale. listening to the sighing sound of your breath one last time.

so we are going to try and make that sound as you exhale also as you inhale but with the lips closed this time. so if it helps imagine yourself drawing in air through a straw and in the last video we learned how to equalize the in-breath and the out-breath with some of with the pranayama .we are going to use that in a moment.

we are going to have four fingers and the thumb touching in chin mudra. remember we are going to expand the chest as we inhale and draw the navel in towards the spine as we exhale and all this is happening with the audible breath so your focus will also be at your throat let's try that for five breaths.

Ujjayi Pranayama is also referred to as:
Benefits of Ujjayi Breathing/pranayama:

1. Physical Health: This breathing technique or pranayama builds the internal heat which helps to release tight areas of our body, thus making us less prone to injuries while stretching. At this time, by taking deep breaths and expanding the lungs further than usual, circulation increases and toxins are released from the inner organs. Other benefits include strengthening the immune system and improving sleep also. Furthermore, this type of yoga provides us assistance in controlling high blood pressure and thyroid problems.
  2. Flow of Inner Energy: The Ujjayi breathing technique allows more prana ndour vital life-force, to enter the mind-body system. It also cleanses the channels through which it passes of their stagnant energy,helping the body overcome fatigue, stress, and all kind of  negativity. Furthermore, this technique encourages the movement of energy from the root energy center all the way up to the crown.
3. Relieving Stress: When you’re feeling stress/anxious/nervous and slow, concentrated, rhythmic nature of the Ujjayi breathing technique has been shown to be effective in calming the nervous system immediately. Studies also says that this breathing technique balances the system. Restoring balance to these two systems helps to release stress, irritation,stress and frustration. Furthermore, it also calms the mind and body fast.

4. Focus: Ujjayi breath helps align the human mind, body, and spirit with the present moment, making us more self-aware and our mental clarity and focus increases.Maintaining the Ujjayi breath throughout your practice, be it in hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, or any other traditional yoga allows you to remain centered, grounded and embodied all while keeping thoughts at bay.

5. Meditation/Relaxation:The Ujjayi breath pranayama promotes calmness in our the body and mind.the vagus nerve to relax the mind and body. This contraction also exerts a gentle pressure on the carotid sinuses in your the neck, leading to reduced tension. The slow, steady rhythm of the breathing techniqe also makes it easier to let go during restorative postures and supports sense withdrawal, helping you ease your way into a meditative state.

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