Valorant : The CS:GO Killer?

Introduction :

Valorant is a free FPP(First Person Perspective) multiplayer online game developed by Riot Games only for the Windows platform .Valorant is one of the games which has a huge craze among the gamer even before it's release and not also a beta release.Riot Games confirmed Valorant will be released on 2nd June 2020 and will be available almost in everywhere but there is no confirmation of separately release in India though .There was a Beta official released on 7th April 2020 for a pre practice for the interested players around the world and this Beta ended on 28th May as the final release date is on 2nd June, 2020.

Developers :

Valorant is fully developed by Riot games and created by Unreal Engine since 2014 and the team was directed and maintained by Joe Ziegler and the creative director is non other than Trevor Romleski,the designer of most popular game League Of Legends and the main designer of  Valorant is Salvatore Garozzo, map designer of Counter Strike : Global Offensive and the Art director is Moby Francke, former art director of well known game Half Life 2 and Team Fortress 2. All the management team is well known by their previous work and their success and now now they made the world’s one of the best FPP action game that impressed almost every gamer.

GamePlay :

Valorant has a mass majority of CS:GO inspiration and the map are also same as per the viewers and as the map designer of Valorant and CS:GO is same there is no doubt that Valorant is the successor and killer of CS:GO. Valorant is First Person Tactical Squad Shooter game and same like the CS:GO has two different team gameplay in a map with 5 player at most, Attacking team and Defending team has their own task to do and all the players have to choose a character and each character has it's own ability and power and weapons too. Valorant is a future based or to say near-future game and the improvement of weapons customize character and maps and mostly the graphics made it more popular than CS:GO.Inside Valorant player will get Assault Rifles,Machine Guns,Light Machine Guns and also sniper guns and player can buy character and weapons and abilities for character too.

There also a short time mode naming it Spike Rush Mode of 7 rounds only, first team that scores 4 will win the match. This match is for a fun for short period time whether there is also a new Ranked Mode is added for casual players as well.

Basically in the standard game mode player after choosing team either Attacking or DefenderAttacking team has to plant a bomb named SPIKE and blast it within total 200 seconds and Defending team have defuse the bomb or eliminate all the enemy before planting SPIKE to get points or the opposite team will get points and down of a player cost point to the enemy team .In the whole standard match mode 24 Rounds will be played each round is of 100 seconds and after 12 round team will be switched to it's opposite team and first 13 round winning team will win the whole match.If the match is drawn in form of 12-12 there will be a Sudden Death Mode without any switching of team.

Characters And Weapons :
Time of entering the match players have to choose characters and play with it, not two players of the same team can choose same character in a match .After every certain number of kill points abilities of the characters will unlock and abilities are limited in each round.
Each Character has a Ultimate Ability and can be used once in a round by gaining points skills.There are total 11(Eleven) agents currently available right now in the game.Those are




Requirements : 
For playing this game you don't need too much high end requirements however the requirements are fair and decent compare to other First person games.
  • Hardware/Software :- Windows 7/8/10, 4GB RAM, 1GB Video RAM. 
  • Minimum :- Intel HD 3000 Graphics Unit (30 FPS) / Intel i3 370M.
  • Recommended :- Intel i3-4150 / GeForce GT 730 Graphics Unit (60 FPS).
  • High End :- Intel i5 4460 (3.2GHz) / GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Graphics Unit (144+ FPS).

Valorant also has a Anti-Cheat-Software after the controversy raised against Riot Games about giving info of Valorant gamers to a company so to deal and make players safe and keeping their privacy protected they developed a anti cheat software and named it BUG BOUNTY PROGRAM.
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