Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Breath): Steps of Bhramari Pranayama and it's Benefit

Whether you are anxious or angry should relax for a bit at least one time in a day. In our daily life every time we take stress and we exhale the stress. That’s why pranayama is so important for your body as well as your mind relaxation. If you do pranayama daily you can see the effect but when you are doing you should do it in well manner.

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Pranayama can reduce the diseases in your body if you do regularly. Pranayama also boost your immunity power so your body can defend. If you are doing in wrong way so all of your hard work will be completely waste. You should do in right way.

What is the bhramari pranayama?

This asana is originated from black Indian bee, bhramari pranayama. Bhramari is a Sanskrit word.  This pranayama is slightly different from the other pranayamas. When we do this pranayama           especially when we exhale the asana resembles humming sound of a bee and so, it is called bhramari pranayama.

mergezone_Bhramari pranayama
Bhramari pranayama

This pranayama has its roots from ancient yogic text Hatha yoga pradipika (HYP). Where it has 8 breathe technics. In bhramari pranayama as you exhale your index finger should cover your ear canal and humming sound is produced from back of your throat.

Types of bharmari pranayama:

Bhramari pranayama is originated many decades ago. So bhramari pranayama has many evaluate with its new version. It has three traditional versions. In three variations bhramari pranayama has performed.

Although the concept is almost the same the main exercise is exhale breathing and humming sound it should produce from back your throat. Here are the three types of bhramari

Basic pranayama:

In basic pranayama the basic concept at first close your ears using your index finger for any sound interruption. You have to focus only the humming sound vibration.

mergezone_Basic Bhramari pranayama
Basic Bhramari pranayama

Steps of basic pranayama(Bhramari pranayama steps):

  • Prepare yourself and sit as you comfortable. You can sit in lotus pose if you are not comfortable in this position so you can also sit easy pose.
  • Put a carpet sit on this and you have to straight your spine and sit like this at least 1-2 min and then start the main pranayama. If you are not comfortable on carpet you can use a chair.
  • After that place your index finger on the ear it will stop the external sound because the external sounds are too distraction.       
  • Absorb a deep breathe into all the way to your belly.
  • Now start exhale the breath producing the humming sound back from your throat do it as long you are comfortable and the vibration will produce the soft sensations in your head.
  • Feel the sensation vibes. It will help a lot. And repeat the process at least 5-6 times.


Silent pranayama:

Silent pranayama we used to do it after doing basic pranayama. When you are done the former type of pranayama 5-6 round. Then start inhale and exhale the air without any humming sound or vibrations but you have to think about humming sound. Notice you can still feel the vibrations.

Bhramari with Shanmukhi mudra:

When you are comfortable to do basic pranayama then you go for shanmukhi mudra. You should do it in right way. Here are the steps you have to follow:

mergezone_Bhramari Pranayama
Bhramari Pranayama

Steps Shanmukhi mudra(Bhramari pranayama steps):

  • Sit in comfortable position as you want and cover your eyes with your hands.
  • Your thumbs should be place on the tragus and your fore fingers should cover your inner eye corners.
  • Make sure that do not pressure your eyes ball.
  • Put your middle beside of your nose and ring finger above your lips.
  • While you exhale the air when you are producing the humming sound. Your fingers you should place in right position. Feel the sensation through your brain.
  • Repeat the steps 5-6 times.

Benefits of Bhramari pranayama:

mergezone_Bhramari Pranayama
Bhramari Pranayama

  • Bharamari pranayama changes same noticeable things. If you do regularly so you can the effect such as it gives deep relaxation and it also increases the creativity, learning power and it reduce the stress.
  • It immediately affects the cardiovascular system which can reduce the high blood pressure and it slightly fall the heart bit rate.
  • When we do bhramari pranayama specially when we close our eyes. It can affect in nervous system and hence relieves from insomnia.
  • If any woman is pregnant so in that time if she does pranayama. It would help. It can reduce the pain and strengthen emotionally.
  • Bhramari increases the breathe production of (NO) in the blood. And the vibration it produces leads to improve the hearing quality.
  • Bhramari can improve the memory concentration power of a person.
  • Bhramari can increase the defending power of your body so your body can defend from various diseases.

Precautions of Bharamari Pranayama:

  • Do not put any pressure while you are producing the humming sound.
  • Do not put any pressure on the ears and do not put your fingers inside your ears.
  • Do not pressurize your eye balls while performing the pranayama.
  • After a heavy meal do not try to do breathing.
  • Try not to produce the high pitch voice while if any woman is pregnant.

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