League Of Legends : Wild Rift Mobile Release Date, Gameplay - Everything You Need To Know

League Of Legends : Wild Rift

League Of Legends : Wild Rift-mergezone
LOL Mobile

Everyone is heard of the most popular and Worlds biggest Esports MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) game League Of Legends Game aka LOL developed by Riot Games in 2019. This game was inspired by Warcraft 3.
And now Riot Games is going to release the mobile (Android & IOS) version of League Of Legends naming it "League Of Legends: Wild Rift".

League Of Legends: Wild Rift Overview

League Of Legends Wild Rift is an upcoming Multiplayer Online Battle Arena video game developed by Riot Games for Android, iOS as an abridged version of its PC Version.
The League of Legends: Wild Rift will be almost the same as League of Legends PC version with the same champions, same skills, same maps, mechanics.

Mobile Version Overview & Changes

As per the Officials LOL WR coming to iOS and Android, and the interested player can pre-register the game on the Google Play Store right now, and currently, it is not available in the IOS store. As mobile games are meant to be played for a short period, the game must have short matches. Talking about League of Legends, the match lasts on average about 35 minutes, let's see how much it gets compressed for mobile.
So to overcome those problems the possible changes in LOL Mobile are listed below :
  1. Less building in the main base: There will be no Inhibitors and 2 Nexus towers. 
  2. There will be much fewer champions. League of Legends: Wild Rift will have around 40 champions.
  3. There will be no chat function like the PC version.
  4. Some of the heroes will have minor changes in their skills and their abilities

Specs To Play –

Riot Games said that they are aiming to make the game as accessible as possible almost in every device and console, they can. Their current targets for mobile the spec is:-

For Android, the minimum compatibility for playing LOL Mobile must be above 1.5GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, and Adreno 306 GPU. Also, they are working to support a 32-bit Android processor.

And for iOS devices, Riot Game Is focusing to have LOL Mobile run on iPhone 6 and late Versions.

League Of Legends Wild Rift Gameplay

And like the LOL PC version, this version also has a "Summoner" that controls a "Champion" with it’s unique abilities to battle against a team of the opponents or bots. The objective is simple, you have to destroy the opponent’s "Nexus", a structure that lies at the heart of a base protected by defensive structures and also protects yours.
 League Of Legends : Wild Rift-mergezone
Each game will consist of 10 players divided into 5 players into 2 teams. There will be a choice of champions/characters in LOL Mobile, each will have their unique abilities, role, strengths, and weaknesses. Each player only can control 1 champion to play the game.
The game has 3 lanes and the jungle area. Normally, your team will consist of 1 the player on top lane, 2 players on the bottom lane, 1 player on mid lane, and 1 the player in the jungle. Each lane will have both team’s tower and they have to destroy the enemy tower to reach the Nexus.

Minions and dragons will spawn on each lance every 30 seconds. Players can kill opponent team’s dragons and minions to get golds and with these golds, the player can make their minions push towers. There are boss monsters that appear on the map that could give you buffs to make your team stronger. The game consists of many Champions And Structures that are discussed below


Currently, in the LOL Mobile version, only 5 Champions have been seen and there will be more around 40 champions after the release. Those 5 Character/Champions Are

1. ANNIE (The Dark Child)
2. TWISTED FATE (The Card Master)
3. NASUS (The Curator Of The Sands)
4. NAMI (The Tide Caller)
5. FIZZ (The Tidal Trickster)
League Of Legends : Wild Rift-mergezone

League Of Legends : Wild Rift-mergezone


In LOL Mobile There are 5 Structures or defending as well as attacking building in total. Each team wishes to defend its structures and destroy the other team's structures and it’s vice versa. These Structures are :

Turrets –

 Each lane has a defensive structure called turrets. Turrets deal high damage and attack the enemy minions and players that approach them. Destroying a Turret will cause the allied Nexus to spawn Super Minions, more powerful Minions that provide a buff to surrounding Minions.

Nexus – 

 Each team has its Nexus which can be destroyed once if all the turrets are destroyed. The Nexus deals high damage at a faster rate than the turrets in the lane and will attack the opponent’s players and their minions if those approach them. Destruction of the opponent’s Nexus ends the game an the team that destroyed the Nexus will win the Game.

Jungle Monsters –

 jungle monsters spawn at various places and caves in the Jungle that provides the players with gold, experience, and other rewards. They are the most neutral objective.

Rift Herald – 

The Rift Herald is one of the most powerful enemies located on the upper side of the River. This monster spawns at 8 minutes and after death respawns after six minutes. If it is killed for the first time after the fourteen minutes sharp, it will not respawn. Rift Herald respawns thirty seconds before Baron Nashor spawns.

Baron Nashor – 

Baron Nashor is the most powerful neutral enemy, located on the upper side of the River. It spawns after ten minutes, replacing the Rift Herald. If any team killed the Baron Nashor then all living members of the team are given a buff which makes their nearby minions more powerful and strong.

League Of Legends : Wild Rift-mergezone
LOL Mobile Map

League Of Legends Mobile Release Date

Riot Games planned to release LoL Mobile in early 2020 but the Global Corona Virus A pandemic causes the development of the game is in pause. However, the officials said that the development of the game is still in process. But also Riot Games hasn't made any statement about LOL Mobile yet so it seems that the game might come the next year 2021 until any statement from the Riot Games.
And as for the League of Legends Mobile (LOL Mobile) release date in India, it might be the same date as the LOL Mobile release date of the international.

Although Android Users can Pre-Register the game now and many countries will be getting the Alpha and Beta in limited devices and consoles.
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