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Sheetkrama Kapalbhati

Sheetkrama Kapalbhati-mergezone

Sheetkrama Kapalbhati :

Sheetkrama Kapalbhati is one of the type Kapalbhati Pranayama. Kapalbhati is of three types, one is the Vatakrama Kapalbhati, the second one is Vyutkrama Kapalbhati and the third one is SheetkramaKapalbhati. Also Sheetkrama Kapalbhati is mentioned in one of the most popular Yogic Text Gheranda Samhita.

Sheetkrama Kapalbhati meaning : 

Sheetkrama Kapalbhati is a part of Shatkarma also know as the Sixpurificatory of Hatha Yoga. The meaning of Sheetkrama Kapalbhati is pretty impressive where the “Sheet” refers to “Cool” or “Passiveness” and the “Kapalbhati” divided into two parts, one is “Kapal” which means the “Skull” and “Bhati” that means “Shine”.
So SheetkramaKapalbhati is a Breathing Technique also known by Skull Shining Breathing Technique that keeps our mind cool and calm and helps us to stay fit and strong. So in Sheetkrama what happens is water is sucked in through your mouth and expelled through your nose which helps to remove mucous from the throat, nasal cavity, and pharynx.

Sheetkrama Kapalbhati -mergezone

Tips Before You Start :

  • It is very important to remember that maintain the right angle while you have to fill your mouth with water. 
  • Due to nervousness water goes to the back of the throat. so do steps slowly.
  • To avoid blockage of water check the end of the nose for any obstacles & aligns it straight.
  • A pot in which water is contained ensures that it is clean. So the pollutants do not present in the water.
  • Do not take tension about this technique otherwise, it will lead to a headache. Do not take tension with regular practice you can do SheetkramaKapalbhati comfortably.

Step For SheetkramaKapalbhati :

  • First, to practice, take a glass of warm water. Take slight warmth to avoid irritation in the nasal cavity and also for beginners it will be easy to practice.
  • You can also add some salt to avoid irritation in the nasal cavity more effectively.
  • Always practice SheetkramaKapalbhati in the standing position.
  • Now curl your tongue to make a channel. Create suction and suck in water with your curled tongue and try to make a hissing sound.
  • Now fill your mouth with water and hold it for few seconds.
  • Then bend your head downwards and nostrils pointing towards the floor.
  • Try to expel the water through the nose, remember it should be done naturally by gravity.
  • In the beginning stages, you can expel the water every few seconds in installments for your safety and comfort.
  • At last spit out the remaining water from the mouth. And practice regularly for mastery and never give up.
  • Repeat the process until you finish the water from the glass, try to do it for 5-6 times.
  • After the practice just relaxes and feel the sensation all over your body.

Benefits Of SheetkramaKapalbhati :

  • This pranayama mostly helps to clean the mucous from the nasal cavity, throat, and pharynx.
  • The practice of Sheetkrama also helps to glow your skin like the sun and removes wrinkles from the face.
  • Helps to overcome disease related to sinus. So yes it is truly beneficial for people who are suffering from sinus related problems.
  • It keeps our mind cool and calm and feels relaxed during practice.
  • Helps to keep our body healthy and hygienic and gives a massive vigor to our body. And now during this Corona pandemic, it is helpful for all.
  • It also activates the energy center in the brain and energizes our body parts.
  • Also, your maximum inhalation power will increase like any other pranayamas.
  • The continuous practicing of SheetakramaPranayam helps you to get rid of digestion, ulcers, gasses, acidity, stomach pain, and constipation related problems.

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