Thirumoolar Pranayama: Steps and Benifits

Thirumoolar Pranayama

Today I am going to discuss how yoga is beneficial in multiple conditions what are all the different bio chemicals that yoga practice can stimulate and in all these exercises be within your comfort zone. Do not over exert if you're feeling any discomfort or lightheadedness you just start the exercise and continue with your normal breathing so there are not any severe contraindications so breathing is safe and you can continue. Don't rush into any of these breathing exercises.

Pranayama is very useful if you do in well manner. If you do pranayama then you can prevent from any disease. It can boost your immunity power so you can live healthy. So today I come up with a very effectful pranayama. If you want to do this so you have to follow the steps very carefully. Because if you do incorrectly all the time you invested. All time will be completely wastage. So, lets learn thoroly……

What is Thirumoolar Pranayama?

=> Focusing on the breath and then humming breath we did the purifier or the alternate nostril breathing and we'll have another one called through Thirumloor pranayama. Exercise discovered 2,000 years ago and the way we do this one is it involves counting with your finger chanting.something within your mind so you chant something like I'm peaceful I'm relaxed something like that or I'm beautiful. However, you like so chant that within your mind and count with the fingers.

same nostril breathing again to eight and four so this is this may be confusing a little bit but if you practice more and more you will get a hang of it and also if you're not able to cope up with the timing say if you're not able to hold it for eight times only seven times

So now I am going to tell you how to do thirumoolar pranayama

Steps of thirumoolar pranayama:

  • Sit in a comfortable position you can sit in pad asana if you are not in comfortable in that pose you can sit easy pose. If you can’t sit either any position you can sit in a chair.
  • Then keep your backbone straight do not too much starch in your spine.
  • After that start doing normal inhale and exhale from your mouth and humming breath.
  • Then start counting in your up to eight while you are inhaling the breath in one nostril.
  • Then count for 2 and hold you breathe and after the count 4 and cover other nostril exhale breathe.
  • Do it at least 8-9 times it might be difficult at first after that it will be comfortable.
Thirumoolar Pranayama

Benefit of thirumoolar pranayama:

  • Thirumoolar pranayama create the positiveness in your body and keep your body disease free.
  • Thirumoolar pranayama best breathing excise for increase immune power and it isincreasing also the memory power.
  • Thirumoolar pranayama increase the patience ness it keepsyou remain relax while you doing.
  • Thirmuoolar pranayama can defend your metal issues. If you do it regularly.
  • Thirmuoolar pranayama is best for the who have high blood pressure it can reduce the blood pressure.
  • It also prevents from many diseases like diabetes.

Best time:

You have to at least 8-9 times repeat the hole process once a day. If you do it in morning it would be right time for this pranayama before the sun rise (my recommendation). Because in morning there is no external sound which can interrupt you. Pranayama is for relaxation if you are not relaxing or anything is interrupting you and if you are not focus then it will be completely waste of time.


  • If you are an asthma patient so you should consult doctor before you doing it.
  • In inhale and exhale do not force your lungs too much it can dangerous for your body.
  • In first time count 4 and inhale otherwise it can be not so good. By practicing it try to count up to 8.
  • If you are pregnant then please do not try this without any yoga specialist permission.