Udgeeth Pranayama : Steps,Benieits and Precautions

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What is ‘Udgeeth Pranayama’?

This is a breathing technique include ‘OM’ chanting.That is why this There are many other names of Udgeeth Pranayama like Omkari jap, Om chanting, Omkara chanting. Now lets first understand what is 'Omkar'. Actually, you, me or so many people who are in this world,speak different languages and dialects.But the sound that everybody produces from deep inside the throat is same,This is the sound of 'Om'.which is generally called the Raw sound.A sound, that is a natural and without any tampering.When our tongue and lips touch each other at different timings and angles,together they change the shape of our vocal sound and the air coming through our throat.That's how different words form.But 'Omkar' sound is absolutely untouched.It is fully natural on which no hitting or tampering is done.This 'Omkar' sound is like an unbaked clay pot.We can't even compare it with Raw pitcher.It's like raw clay,to which the potter gives shape and makes a pot.In the same way, we give our words to the pure sound which is coming from the inside.

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Why we use ‘OMKAR’ chanting?

Now let's talk about why to do 'Omkar' sound. Because our mind needs to be in peace and while chanting the 'Omkar' when we make this sound at last & become quiet then our sound meets with the silence. It connects with the silence while chanting the 'Omkar'. So you must understand this, that when you chant the 'Omkar' sound, you go into the silence, because the recitation of 'Omkar' sound is close to silence. Any other sound, because of our tampering and giving different type of shapes,So, they do not create so much silence and peace within.So this is 'Omkar' sound.


The Sanskrit word Udgeeth word means "deep and rhythmic chant". 

Why it is called ‘Omkara jap’/‘Om’ Chanting’?

Udgheet Pranayama involves chanting of ‘OM’. You have to chant the ‘OM’ continuously, while doing this pranayama. This is why ‘Udgeeth Pranayama’ also called ‘Omkara jap’ / ‘Om Chanting’ / ‘Omkara Chanting’.Maharishi Patanjali, the author of yoga sutras says that one who chants Om receives all the divine powers of the world.

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The Essence of ‘OM’ Chanting:

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This ‘OM’ Chanting is actually hidden behind the ‘OM’.
Here ‘OM’ represents ‘A’, ‘U’, and ‘M’.
When OM is studied in the English language, it comprises with 3 different letters: A, U, and M. There is a traditional way of chanting the OM sound.

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  • The 1st letter ‘A’ sounds like a a a a a……………….
  • The 2nd letter ‘U’ sounds like o o o o o…………………
  • The 3rd letter ‘M’ sounds like m m m m m……….
  • Consecutively it is to be pronounced as a a a a o o o o o o o m m m m…………..

All these letters have a unique role in eth Pranayama’ Udge, Those are as follows:

  • The alphabet ‘A’indicates the Jagart Awastha which is also known as awakening state.This Udgeeth Pranayama can awake the Kundalini. As a result, it gives the sensations to our brain.After this the mind reaches the state of concentration.
  • The alphabet ‘U’indicates Swapna Mudra. After the awakening the Kundalini, the entire stress came out of the brain.
  • The alphabet ‘M’indicates the Sushupti Awastha. This is the Deep Sleep State of our body.

Before chanting 'Omkar' pay attention to 2-3 things.

  • whenever you sit for this pranayama,start by inhaling and exhaling once.This will balance your breathing.
  • After the inhaling and exhaling once, then the inhale again and start chanting 'Omkar' sound. But do not fill your lungs so tightly with the breath. Just simply breathe lightly. If you will fill it in your lungs strenuously, So while you exhaling, the air will come out with pressure from the lungs.which will spoil the rhythm of your chanting breathing. You will not feel relaxed in doing it.
  • do not close your eyes in this. Just leave your eyelids to loose and let them close themselves.This way you will not feel stress in the eyes. Keep all your focus either on your lips or on your breathing pattern or at the center of your forehead, so that your concentration does not get distracted.

Udgeeth Pranayama Steps:

  • 1st Step:

    Sit in a comfortable meditative position. You can use Padmasana, Siddhasana, Swastikasana, Sukhasana or Vajrasana sitting position or you can sit on a chair normaly.
  • 2nd Step:

    Keep your spine erects and aligned in the head’s position. then you have to Put your hands on your thighs in Gyan Mudra.
  • 3rd Step:

    Then Take a deep inhale through your nose, untill your diaphragms get filled with air completely.
  • 4th Step:

    Then you have to slowly exhale the breath from your nose in a very slow manner. With the exhalation chant the ‘OM’ word.
  • 5th Step:

    While chanting the word OM sound of O should be longer than M.
  • 6th Step:

    Your sound should be audible to you & concentration should only be on your breath.
  • 7th Step:

    You have to Take a deep inhale through your nose, till your diaphragms get filled with air completely.
  • 8th Step:

    Your sound should be audible to you & concentration should only be on your breath.


You can do Udgeeth Pranayama 5, 7, 11 or 21 times, once or twice a day,before or after Yoga. There is no harm. In fact, in our tradition, when sun rises or about to rise, when it sets or about to set or during noon, when sun is at its peek, 'Om' recitation used to be done during all these three times.It was called also the 'Trikaal sandhya'. The one who does this 'Trikaal Sandhya', gets connected with the God. People believe in it, feel it and many mystics have experienced it.So, you should chant 'Omkar' specially before doing any holy work.or if you want to make any work holy. Even if you do any business or go to your job,So before starting your work you can chant this pranayama 3-5 times. This will make your mind clear.You'll be able to focus in current moment disconnecting from past or future thoughts. Though You can do it regularly.

Benefits of Udgeeth Pranayama:

  1. Increases positivity

    - Udgeeth Pranayama Positivity increases and the atmosphere becomes pleasant our body.
  2. Increases memory

     - Udgeeth Pranayama is best breathing technique to increase memory power to our body.
  3. For concentration

     - Udgeeth pranayama helps to Concentration and resolving power.
  4. Cause mental problems

     - Udgeeth pranayama resolves All problems such as mental tension, disease, anxiety, and fear.
  5. Removes sleeplessness

     - practicing this pranayama is best for relieving many problems such as poor sleep, sudden sleep disturbance and nightmares.
  6. Cause stomach problems

     - Udgeeth pranayama is helped us to resolves Gas, acidity and other stomach diseases.
  7. For Blood Pressure

     - the Regular practice of Udgeeth Pranayama is beneficial in high blood pressure.
  8. Cause nervous problems

     - Practicing this pranayama will remove all kind of problems related to the nervous system of our body.
  9. In pregnancy

     - If a Pregnant women practice Udgeeth pranayama, it  benefit greatly from the practice of this pranayama as it leads to normal delivery.
  10. Reduces depression

    - If anyone practice Udgeeth pranayama daily,it is also helps to curing depression.

Precaution of Udgeeth Pranayama:

  1. The duration of this breathing technique in and out of the body should be prolonged.
  2. Patients should always do this type of pranayama under the supervision of a yoga expert.
  3. There should be a difference of at least three to five hours between the time of Udgeeth pranayama and the meal you take.
  4. this pranayama should be practiced in the morning in the fresh air.
  5. you Should be exercised this pranayama under specialist guidance.
  6. In this pranayama your inhaling and also exhaling duration must be long.
  7. You Should practicethis pranayama on a vacant stomach.
  8. Having gap of 4 hrs in between each yoga exercise technique and also your meal.
  9. Better to practice this pranayma in the morning in fresh air.