What is iyenger Yoga? How to iyenger Yoga for Beginners

What is iyenger Yoga? How to iyenger Yoga for Beginners -MergeZone

What is iyenger Yoga?

Iyengar yoga is developed by the BKS iyenger who directed disciple of T. Krishnamacharya. Together with pattabhi jois who developed the astanga yoga . They are the people who bring the evaluation in yoga those people bring the modern yoga as we know it today yoga.

“Iyengar yoga is the comes the basic hatha yoga traditional yoga.It has evolved in very precise and the method of iyenger yoga is not very simple yoga any beginner can do with little practice because it’s the modern yoga. Iyenger yoga is main focus on the three aspects alignment, sequencing and timing those three are the main.

Is Iyengar yoga for you?

 Don’t keep thing in your mind that iyenger is so to do that’s not the right my friend. Even the style of yoga is very critical and steps of that yoga is not so simple it is adaptable in different level. Iyenger is for the yogis who are able to do all basic and advanced poses very well and they can do iyenger yoga their alignment. Iyengar yoga is for the people who very meticulous, technical, who have also interest in anatomy. Iyengar yoga is not easy that is main thing here so if you want to do be prepare with your and mind your you can handle.

What is iyenger Yoga? How to iyenger Yoga for Beginners -MergeZone

Teaching iyenger Yoga:

Iyengar yoga is not easy to learn. It has the sequence of poses all poses are connected to in one that is iyenger yoga. So now you can imagine that if you want to learn the iyenger yoga then you have to learn all poses first then you can opt for iyenger yoga. Sitting, forward bends, backbends, twists, inversions, and supine poses all poses are included in yoga. So those are poses are you have to do

Upavistha Konasana(Seated Angle Pose) :

This pose is conduct the angle pose that you have to stretch your legs as much as you can bend your whole body seated like this least 1-2 min for 3-4 times in a day.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

In that mountain pose is all base of standing. The pose can be practice at time in a day. You have to practice 10-30sec. empty stomach is not nessariy.Repeat the whole process 10 times in day.

Janu Sirsasana (Head to Knee Pose)

·     Bharadvajasana (Seer Pose): This is call seer pose. This pose is name after seer “bharadvajasana”. This pose is so simple all you have to do is seat on floor the twist do 30-60 sec repeat it on other side.

·     Viparita Karani (Legs Up The Wall Pose): This is called legs up the wall pose as you can see you have to pull your legs up on wall straight your backbone do it at least 4-6 hrs after the meal.

·     Sutha Virasana (Reclined Hero Pose): This pose is call sutha virasana. In this pose leaning on to the ground fold your legs upwards keep doing it 30-50 sec.

The benefits of Iyengar Yoga:

It is correct that it is not easy to do iyenger yoga. But you are able to do so then you don’t worry about your health. Your immune system will improve a lot. But here the thing all poses that mentioned in the previous you have to right way don’t do it in wrong way other way you can face some pain problems.  Here are main key benefits of Iyengar Yoga:

·        Iyengar yoga improves the physical and psychological health.

·        Iyengar yoga reduces the pain from all over the body if you do it in right way.

·        The pose are use to do iyenger yoga all poses will improve your focus and balance.

·        Iyengar yoga reduces stress and depression.

·        Iyengar yoga is ideal for who are interested to weight loss.