How can we do Throat Lock (Jalandhara Bandha) in Yoga

How can we do Throat Lock (Jalandhara Bandha) in Yoga-Mergezone

What is ThroatLock (Jalandhara Bandha)?

Throat lock is one of the best interior lock that we used to practice in asana and pranayama to connect with our bodies and to achieve the flow of energy of body. Working from the top one, the root lock (mula bandhas) that originates to the pelvis and Abdominal lock is the lower torso. Throat lock can be practice without those two or conjunction of two.

When we do all poses together doing all the three locks that make it (maha bandhas) or great lock. When we take our chest forward and bring towards to create the lock position. It most commonly done by the breathe work.

Benefits of Throat lock:

Throat is the powerful yoga work for body especially for the stretch work for neck. If you do it regularly then it can hold up your stress and tension. You can feel energetic day by day because it completely related to your inhale and exhale process. Chakra helps to better communicate and self expression and physiologically. Throat lock is most beneficial for the thyroid health if you do it correctly because it much worse not to do then do it in a wrong way.

  • It can improve your blood pressure if you do it in daily basis.
  • It can hold up the stress and tension so you can more concentrate with your body.
  • It can relax your brain so you can more focus to your work.
  • It really helpful for the people who have thyroid heals.
  • If you are pregnant then throat lock is best exercise for your body but push too hard it can effect to your body.
  • If you do it 2-3 times in a week in beginning days and with lot more practice you can increase your time limit.

That’s the thing don’t push too hard do it as much as your body can process and take. If you do it forcefully then you can affect your whole body by yourself. Do it very carefully.

How can we do Throat Lock (Jalandhara Bandha) in Yoga-Mergezone

Steps by steps

If you are doing it then you have to do it right way. You can hire a yoga instructor or you can read books about it or you can watch videos any media you chose just do it in right way. So here are steps

  • Place your hands properly on the knees with palms facing upwards. Just inhale the breathe to your lungs as much as you can then retain your breathe.
  • Drop it your chin down and draw you chest little bit closer at the same time lift your sternum to towards your chin. As your chin drop upwards and sternum drops the breathe exhale. And then relax your shoulders.
  • Lifts your chin hold your breath as long as you are comfortable and then lift it up and finish inhalation of breathe.

Two common mistakes:

Avoid the common mistakes are we used to we do in throat lock

Chin position:

These moves involve the chin and sternum that you are equally doing it right. Don’t force your chin and sternum that make your body more injurious.

Hold your breath too long:

During the pose you have to lot more focus in your breathe so in that pose you have to inhale and exhale air and in that process you have to hold your breath as much as you can don’t force.

Up for a change:

While you are doing throat lock position that any poses that stretch the knees so for modification or it’s also good for the body keep your spine straight as much as you can.

Safety and precautions:

This pose involve the breathe exercise so you have to be more careful. Don’t do it by yourself get a yoga trainer or a real good where you can find right information. Or those who have heart disease and high blood pressure for those people breathe exercise can cause some serious trouble. Or if you had neck so you should not try this. If a Pregnant lady doing this that she have to more careful that she risking her life as well as her baby’s life. That’s the main motto do wherever you want to do just be careful.