Thread The Needle Yoga : Steps, Benefits & Precautions and Modifications

Thread The Needle (Urdhva Mukha Pasasana Vinyasa) Yoga : Steps, Benefits & Precautions and Modifications - MergeZone

What is Thread the Needle Pose?

Thread the needle pose is a simple shoulder-releasing posture that provides a gentle and effective release for the back and as well as in spine through a twist. It is very useful for those who have stiffness and pain in their back, shoulders, or neck and great for stretching the arms, chest, and neck. This posture is suitable for all kinds of students and offers various flexibility for beginners also. 

In Sanskrit Thread the needle pose is also known as “PARSVA BALASANA” and also “Urdhva Mukha Pasasana Vinyasa”. 

Tips for Thread The Needle pose :

  • Always keep your gaze soft. 
  •  Move out and in slowly and calmly of the pose.  
  • Your breath should be smooth and calm. If you breathe deep then it will help your body more relax and stable even during exhalation.
  • Keeping your collarbone broad helps you to protect the neck and increase flexibility and strength to your shoulders and chest.   

Modifications Of Thread The Needle pose :

  • Place a blanket or mat underneath your knees to avoid caps hurt. 
  • It’s better to place your forearm on the ground rather than the shoulder.  
  • Child’s Pose(Balasana) would be great for a full-body stretch.  
  • Pregnant women and people with large chests and stomachs can practice this in front of a wall instead of the floor. 

Steps for Thread The Needle pose :

  • Start coming on all four neutral positions (Bharmanasana), keeping your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips at equal distance from each other. 
  • Now inhale and raise your right arm above your head and expand your chest with the extension.  
  • Begin to move your right arm under your chest toward the floor with a slight twist. Your torso should face downward and your knees and your arm should be grounded for support. Always extend your arm as much as possible in a safe approach. 
  • Then slide your right arm onto the mat floor, allowing your right shoulder to rest. Extend your left arm overhead and place the right side of your head on the mat. Now exhale b stretching out completely. Do this for 3-4 breaths.   
  • Then after release inhale and loosen the right arm and bring it out and rest the palms on the floor coming back to Bharmanasana.
  • Now do it the same with another arm and stay for 3-4 breaths.   
  • Do it repeatedly 5-6 breaths for each side and do it very calmly.  

Thread The Needle (Urdhva Mukha Pasasana Vinyasa) Yoga : Steps, Benefits & Precautions and Modifications - MergeZone

Thread the Needle pose Benefits :

  • This posture provides a gentle twisting motion that helps stretch and loosen the lower back muscles. 
  • Gently loosens the muscles and relieves tension with chronic shoulder pain in a great way.  
  • It helps to soothe the digestive system. 
  •  Great stretch through the chest and shoulders and spine area.  
  • It Stimulates circulation to the hands, fingers, and arms.  
  • Compresses and stimulates the upper chest muscles. 

Precautions :

  • For students who are suffering from a migraine, it is pretty challenging for them, and should avoid doing this or should do it with the teacher.  
  • If anyone has any kind of issues or problems in the upper and lower back, shoulders, neck, arms, hips, knees, or head should not practice Thread the Needle Pose. 
  • Always practice with the support of bolsters, blankets, cushions, etc. And if suffering from blood pressure do with proper instructions.  
  • Students suffering from neck stiffness leading to spondylitis and students with Osteoporosis should never practice this.  
  • Senior citizens should avoid practicing this as it required balance during the twist and they have to be on their knees so it’s a bit difficult for them.  
  • If anyone has any problems with the abdominal organs, like; stomach, intestine, liver, spleen, etc. Should be taken to contradictions for practicing.