How to do yoga for beginners :A Complete Guide to get Started

How to do yoga for beginners :A Complete Guide to get Started - Mergezone

What is yoga?

Aimed at integrating mind, the whole body and spirit to connected with the universe. Yoga has many paths and different techniques but at least we will achieve the same enlighten.

Hatha yoga attains the body, mind, spirit through a practice of asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (yoga breathing), mudra (body gestures) and shatkarma (internal cleansing). The modern hatha yoga does not emphasize esoteric practice instead of more physical practice and more physical patterns.

Is yoga right for you?

Yoga is no exclusive and it doesn’t matter how old you are and how much weight you have and what do you do for living, what religion you belong and where you live “Yoga is accessible for just about everyone”.

 If you have any medical injury. It can be more challenging or dangerous for some times if you try to do same critical yoga poses. Usually there are alternative practices for your safety.

While you are doing the yoga and you may feel pain in your belly muscles. You should stop, you should never feel pain while you are doing yoga especially joints. A sharp pain it kind of indicates the body to stop the yoga. If you are new in yoga so you should definitely do your yoga gently do not need rush up.

If you keep those things in your mind so you are allow to do yoga.

How to do yoga for beginners :A Complete Guide to get Started - Mergezone

How to practice Yoga:

We all do yoga basically in bare foot. While you are doing yoga you need stretchable clothes so you can easily move one position to another. You can purchase clothes specially for yoga.

For the first time we recommend that you should start with short and straight forward yoga session and slowly build up from there. Once you are comfortable some beginner positions then you can try more complicated yoga moves as yoga instructor instructed. Make you should learn essential components for yoga practice breathing, relaxing, meditation, intention.

How often I should do yoga?

In the beginning you can try yoga for 2-3 times in a week. After practicing the basic of yoga in for 2-3 times in a week then you can stretch your time limit to 4-5 times in a week. But you should remember every time you do you have to do breathing, relaxing, meditation, intention all those exeasize by regularly.

You can feel the effect in your body by doing this in properly and punctual. But you can’t skip without any reason if you do you can’t get the result you are willing to get. And also if you do yoga properly there is too many benefits are waiting for you. “the more time you can dedicate towards it, the more benefits you will receive.”  that’s the moto.

Benefits you will get:

The benefit of is not ending until you stop doing your job. Practicing yoga make you a good and healthy human being. Such as discipline, honesty, devotion, self-inquiry, mindfulness. Yoga empowers you to make good conscious so you can take right decision in your life. The key benefit of yoga:

  •  Improve your body immunity and maintain the health, body muscles good.
  • Improve the consciousness and flexibility, stamina.
  • It keep your brain clam and healthy.
  • If you do yoga in regular basis than it reduces the stress and promote relaxation.
  • You can get better sleep.
  • It can prevent from many unwanted virus to affect your body.
  • It can also prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, auto immune disorder.
  • It can give you a relief from your back pain.
  • Yoga makes a man happy “Health is wealth” and it reduces the depression.

After starting Yoga:

  • After Patience, commitment, repetition of yoga moves .consistency is key to make perfect. After finding a style
  • Increase the days you used practice in your begening days.
  • Try to find a good yoga instructor so he/she can instruct you to way to do yoga.
  • After practice a lot yoga attend the yoga workshops so that you can find aspect of yoga in your life.
  • Read yoga books that you can improve your yoga positions.
  • Make your yoga friends get in a community.
  • Adopt a yoga style.

How to do yoga for beginners :A Complete Guide to get Started - Mergezone

4things need to know before you begin:

1.START WITH interest

Yoga is not just an normal exercise, it’s lots more than that. It’s a way to speak to yourself and with the world. The word ‘yoga’ means "union" in Sanskrit language. When you live in a state of deep meditation or yoga, there is no separation between your thoughts and your present state. That means, no whining and wistful thinking about the way things should or ought to be. You can get started this king of mindset before ever stepping foot on a yoga mat. Take a moment to appreciate your body, your life, and your circumstances.


As soon as you practice your yoga, you will feel to slip away. You will think that you will touch you’re your toes, but it’s only look easy on only instagram or youtube videos. If you are  going to practice some yoga postures, it is essential that you own a Lycra wardrobe rivaling that of Jane Fonda. Try to focus on the core of the yoga and what you're doing.

Get yourself into the right mindset and calmness and then the practice will evolve naturally, beautifully, and safely with time.

3. knowing THE CORE OF YOGA

Yoga is not about fancy poses, shapes or extreme flexibility of your body. Yoga is all about breathing, finding your own inner strength through meditation, and become healthy and fit. It's truly that simple. So do not worry about your weight loss, and fell free to practice yoga. The physical practice is only one of the eight elements of yoga.


First you have to learn how to control tour breathing. While the breathing exercise itself may seem important, the most important thing to learn is awareness of breath. The connection between awareness and breath is one of the most important beneficial aspects of yoga for beginners.