How to Practice Breath of Fire Yoga and What are the Benefits and Precautions of it ?

How to Practice Breath of Fire Yoga and What are the Benefits and Precautions of it ? -MergeZone

What is Breath of Fire Yoga?

Breath of Fire is a breathing technique of Pranayama, the primary component of yoga. BoF includes different types of breathing exercises in which people inhale, exhale and hold their breath depending on their breathing technique. Breath of Fire is also known as the “Kapalabhati” in Sanskrit and in English, it is known as “Skull Shining Breath”. 

Breath of Fire is a part of Kundalini Yoga which involves four essential steps:  

  1. Breathing Techniques  
  1. Singing  
  1. Chanting  
  1. Repetitive Poses  
BoF is used as beginner yoga but it can also be used as advanced yoga as it is one of the most powerful breathing techniques but easy to learn.  
BoF is all about inhaling passively and exhale forcefully and it is quicker than other slow breathing techniques. And the exhale inhale duration is same length that means no longer exhale. 
Practicing BoF helps to release the toxins in our body and fill it with a wave of energy. It does not only strengthen our body but also improves our blood circulation and maintain an energy flow in our body.

Steps to do Breath of Fire Yoga:

Step 1:

First, begin seated in a cross-legged position keeping your hands on your knees or your belly so that you can feel your belly expand otherwise you can just practice any kind of Mudra.  

Step 2: 

Now inhale passively through your nose into your lungs. Don’t try to over-exert yourself and feel your belly expanding.  

Step 3:

Now without pausing exhale forcefully like the inhalation through your nose and make sure the length of the exhale and inhale should be the same. Repeat this process depending on your comfortableness.  

Step 4:

Without pausing repeat this rhythm by inhaling and exhaling forcefully. Try to do this practice many times by using your core to power your breath.  

Step 5:

Lastly when you are done with your practice take a long and deep inhale and release your hand by your side. Then exhale and it should be loud and forced.  

Step 6:

The practice should be 30 seconds to 10 minutes in repeat. 

How to Practice Breath of Fire Yoga and What are the Benefits and Precautions of it ? -MergeZone

Benefits of Breath of Fire Yoga:

  • A 2013 study says that Breath of Fire reduces the stress level especially in students by reducing the activity of the Sympathetic Nervous System and it also increases the Parasympathetic Nervous System activity.  
  • Breath of Fire maintains the balance between the Sympathetic Nervous System and Parasympathetic Nervous System.  
  • It helps to increase the lung capacity as well as the vital strength of our body.  
  • Studies say practicing this can remove toxins and deposits from lungs, cells, and blood vessels.  
  • According to the anecdotal reports if anyone practices breath of fire regularly then it can help them to make the abdominal muscles stronger.  
  • As it engages the abdominal muscle which helps to tackle digestions.  
  • This yoga exercises student’s respiratory muscles and strengthens the diaphragm.  
  • Energizes the blood by adjusting the subtle psycho-electromagnetic field of the aura.  
  • It prepares you physically in an effective way and boosts e immune system which helps people prevent many diseases.  
  • A 2014 study says a proper and organized practice of Breath of Fire increases oxygen levels in the brain and it may also enhance memory, reaction time and make you more attentive.  
  • It may also help you to get rid of the addiction to drugs, smoking, and bad foods.  
  • It also strengthens the navel chakra and done forcefully it burns the karma also. 

Precautions to Maintain:

  • If you are new to this yoga then start this by inhaling slowly, don’t try to push yourself.  
  • It is most common to feel dizzy and if you feel the same while practicing does avoid and try to do normal breathing yoga and pranayamas  
  • If anyone is suffering from vertigo then use the help of any yoga gurus and practice with proper instructions.  
  • If you have gastric, heat, and acid-related issues then use cautions.  
  • While practicing breath of fire may increase some health problems like hypertension, heart issues and it may also cause stroke, etc. So, keep in mind that it may or may not help those patients.  
  • Pregnant woman  
  • Having Menstruation   
  • Heart patient  
  • People having Spinal Disorder  
  • People with respiratory infection or disorder 
  • Also, people who are suffering or having listed problems should strictly avoid this pranayama/yoga,