How to use Mula Bandha in Yoga

How to use Mula Bandha in Yoga - Mergezone

What is mula Bandha?

Mula Bandha is translated as the root lock.It appear from Sanskrit word” mula” here is the same as in muladhara chakra . Bandha means to lock in a position and three interior of a body “lock” used.

In any of kind of asana and pranyama we have to control the flow of energy . The bandhas are lock the body in a specific position and bandhas are engaged through muscular contraction of specific body parts.

Mula bandhas are most important part of yoga . it is also call “Mula bandha is the first clock of Yoga”. Unlike subtle concepts like chakras and Koshas .Mula bandhas are also very complicated thing to do in yoga. But as you practice more than you can do very easily. First thing you should have used to pranayama.

How to connect with Mula Bandhas:

To activate mula bandhas and engage with mula bandhas begin with exhale and inhale air through your mouth and engage with your pelvic floor, drawing it towards your navel. If don’t know anything about pelvic floor and you don’t know how to access pelvic floor think of its space between the pubic bone and the tailbone. You can start explore the feeling of contracting the muscles you would use to stop flow of urine midstream.

Mainly you have to hold your contract and hold the muscles around the anus and genitals . while you are doing all this you don’t have hold your breath. Practice in a seated position before trying to incorporate root moves of yoga. Try to practice as much as you can.



How to use Mula Bandha in Yoga - Mergezone

How to do mula bandhas :

If you are a doing it first time should have a yoga instructor so he/she can guide you in right way to do mula bandhas. You can also read book to know more about mula bandhas and you can also watch videos in online but I recommend you to get a yoga instructor. If you are doing it in wrong way than it can also harm your body. Here the steps:

  • Sit comfortably as you want so you can in a mattress or cushion and close your eyes.
  • Relax your jaws begin to inhale air through your mouth and contract and lift the muscles of your pelvic floor.
  • Breathe slowly and draw your pelvic floor muscles up for a count of 5.
  • Hold the entire process 10 sec. you can start off 3 sec.
  • Do it 2-3 in a week. As more as you practice it will give result.


Why it is so important:

The bandhas are mentioned in the 15th century text hatha yoga praditika, so their origins go back as far as asana if not further. In the 20th century in introduced in yoga by Indian yoga instructor.

In astanga mula bandhas are to engage the body throughout your mind and brain. It cans active deep core strength of your body. It can also enlighten the deep cores and achieve the lightness in the life. It strengthens the entire pelvic floor area, including the pubococcygeus muscles that can help the pelvic floor area. If you do mula bandhas than you can achieve the deep core in your body. If you do in right way you can get many benefits. Here is some of key benefit of mula bandhas yoga.

Benefit of Mula bandhas:

Mula bandhas is nothing but a lock positions which you have to do in a way to help your body. If anybody does it in right way than he/she can get benefits in your life/body/mind .it encore the strength of your body. Some of best benefit of mula bandhas:

  • If you do it in a regular basis then it can help to improve your body strength and flexibility, balance.
  • It cans relief from your back pain but if you are doing in wrong in way then it can harmful to your body. In beginning days you should have a yoga instructor.
  • In mula bandhas asana it can improve your heart stability.
  • Yoga is basically to relax you it can also give you better sleep.
  • Mula bandhas helps you to manage stress in your life.