How to do Lion's Breathe Yoga and What are the Benefits You Need to Know

How to do Lion's Breathe Yoga and What are the Benefits You Need to Know -MergeZone

What does Lion breathe mean?

Lion breathe is tech that can use for reduce the stress and tension from your mind and your body. Lion breathe can get you relief from your internal pains that your are suffering from. Although lion yoga is breathing exercise in lion pose. But it can be practice any comfortable positions you can do it by standing and you can also do by sitting positions. 

It includes the powerful inhale and exhale process in the breathing process you have to inhale from your deep throat exhale from your mouth very slowly. It can also stimulate your body nerves and it can also stimulate your face muscles. It relief the stress and improve the blood circulation in your body. Traditionally Lion breathe can performed by simhasana. It can effect to your body not only in face. But you have to do in right way if you are doing this. If you are doing the whole process in wrong it is far better than not to do.

Why we need the Lion breathe Yoga?

All the time we used to do stretching in our body we are used to all exercises for our body we do not focus on our face. It is too rare that we have yoga for our face’s muscles Lion yoga main purpose is reduce the tension and stimulate and facial nerves. You have to stretch your whole face along with inhale and exhale breathes.

It can be done by pose you can do by standing and you can do also sitting. Lion breathe we can do for your better and healthy lungs. You have to do this yoga in the morning to warm you up and it increase the energy of your body.

Steps of Lion Yoga:

  • It is a very simple yoga anybody can do this. But if you are doing all this you should know the proper way. So here are the Proper steps:
  • You have to sit down in kneel down position it is best position to do but otherwise you can do in other positions as well and breathe in that position and you have to hold the breathe for some time.
  • Keep your hands on your knees and straight your arms and relax your fingers.
  • In that times you have to inhale air from your nose remember this you have to inhale from your nose not your mouth.
  • Exhale the whole air from your mouth while you are exhale the airs from your mouth you have to make sound like “ha” you have to keep doing that until you complete your exhale process.
  • In that period of time you have to stick your tongue as far out as you can towards the chin.
  • Try to bring the internal focus towards the forehead (third eye).
  • You have to repeat the whole process 4-6 times. Lion breathe is best time to do in the morning.

How to do Lion's Breathe Yoga and What are the Benefits You Need to Know -MergeZone

Benefits of Lion Yoga:

Lion yoga is basically breathing yoga and by doing that yoga it can affect your body, mind and face. Especially stretching for your face and it can relax face muscles and nerves. There are too many benefits 

  • Lion Yoga is totally focused on breathing so it can improve your inhale and exhale process.
  • It can reduce blood pressure and stress and also tension from your mind and it will relax you from internal problems.
  • It can also improve the straight so you can do all the work you want to do.
  • You have to in morning so it will full fill your body and mind with energy.
  • If you are facing some facial problems than don’t have to worry about Lion yoga relaxes your facial muscles and nerves so blood can flow without any interruption.
  • Those patients have asthma and heart problems they can also try this in well manner. It can also beneficial for those peoples.

By discussing all this I think now you have a rough idea about Lion yoga. So you can try this at home. If you want to learn more so you can watch videos and books.