Fuji Apple: Fact, Benefits and Side Effect of Fuji Apple

Fuji Apple: Fact About Fuji Apple ,Benefit of Fuji Apple, Side Effect -MergeZone

What is Fuji Apple?

Ans: Fuji Apple is one of the modern types of apples we have on our plant. It is a hybrid category of apple. It has developed by the growers at Tohoku Research Station in Fujisaki, Aomori, Japan in late 1930 it was developed but they did not bring this food till 1962. The researcher has cross two different types of apples old Virginia Ralls Genet and Red Delicious apples by crossing this two they made a “Fuji” apple. It was named after a city called “Fujisaki”.

It is mainly pink speckled and over a green and yellow background. It is also very mouth-watering, juicy, and crispy. And the flavor is sweet. Fuji apples are used to grow up in the northern hemisphere it comes from Japan. Fuji is harvested in November and December and in May/June month it is available in South Harvested. Apples are large and about 75mm in diameter. 

In the 2016-2017 year apple were grown at 43 million. Fuji apples are also harvested in the United States every year 135000 tons of Fuji are used to grown.

Fuji Apple: Fact About Fuji Apple ,Benefit of Fuji Apple, Side Effect -MergeZone

Benefits of Fuji Apple:

Apple has its nutrition. It has nutrients and Preservatives and also some essential vitamin c.

  • It is good for weight loss per pass. Apple is high in water and fiber.
  • Apple can reduce your heart disease problems. Flavonoids can help prevent heart failure and high blood pressure.
  • It can also prevent diabetes and several studies have proved all this.
  • Fuji apple juice can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. It also increases the acetylcholine levels.
  • Apple has filled up the fiber so it can help prevent Parkinson’s disease. The presence of antioxidants can increase the preventing power.
  • Fiber can ties the fat in the intestines So having an apple every day can help to reduce the high cholesterol.
  • Good bacteria can help the intestine. Apple promotes good bacteria in the large intestine. And eventually, lose bad bacteria from the body in the intestine.
  • Apple has vitamin –A so it causes the free radicals and free wrinkle and black spot, Dark head, etc. It makes you a lot younger than you are. It also consumes dead skin cells.
  • Biting and chewing apple in the mouth it is good for teeth it produces lot amount of saliva in your mouth and harmful bacteria can’t affect your mouth it also cleans your teeth white.

The Facts about Fuji Apple :

I have mentioned the details in a table. Let us look into the table :

Origin Fujisaki Aomori(1930)
Climate Warm
Plant Size 15 to 20 feet Wide
Flowers Creamy white and Pink blooms
Fruit size Round and 75 mm
Color Light red and yellow blush
Fruit peel Thick
Flavor Sweet
Season Year Round
Calories In one cup 69 kcal


Fuji Apple: Fact About Fuji Apple ,Benefit of Fuji Apple, Side Effect -MergeZone

Side Effect of Fuji Apple:

  • An intense amount of apples can cause you weight gain problems.
  • Sometimes it can happen apple juice has toxic acid in it so it can harm your teeth enamel.
  • Heavy consuming apples can increase your blood sugar levels.
  • If you are taking daily apple with it you're also taking seeds with apple it can cause digestion problems.
  • Some people have allergies to apples so they can suffer from itching lips around the mouth itchy and watery eyes, rashes on the tongue It also can cause internal problems.