Plavini Pranayama: Steps of Palvini Pranayama, Benefits and Precautions

Plavini Pranayama: Steps of Plavini Pranayama, Benefits and Precautions -MergeZone
Plavini Pranayama

What is Plavini Pranayama ?

Plavini Pranayama is a breathing exercise for clarity of the soul of our inner body and high awareness. The Sanskrit word “plavin” comes from the word “plu” which means “to float”. It is an ancient breathing technique for the pranayama. In this pranayama, we have to swallow the air like we used to swallow the water. We can do this pranayama by seated but you have to follow the right seating position as vajrasana or siddhasana like that asanas If you don’t comfortable in those positions then you can sit as your comfort.

In this pranayama, the air is swallowed like water(like I previously said) into the belly and the yoga takes additional air through the nostril this is the inhalation process of the pranayama after that you have to raise your head to exhale the whole air through the nostril.

Precautions of Plavini :

Keep those things in your mind : 

  • Keep in your mind that don’t exceed breathe holding limit. The limit of holding the breathing process can vary from person to person.
  • Try to practice the pranayama with an empty stomach or after having a meal for at least 5-6 hours.
  • If you are a pregnant woman then don’t try too hard on yourself do it as your comfort.  

Plavini Pranayama: Steps of Plavini Pranayama, Benefits and Precautions -MergeZone
Plavini Pranayama

How to do Plavini Pranayama:

 For beginners advised to do the pranayama in a special sitting position which will be discussed later. In this pranayama, we will do the breathing exercise that will increase the breathing holding capacity in your lungs but you have to practice regularly and you should do it in the right way otherwise it won’t any affect your body. So don’t worry we are here to tell you the right ways to do pranayama.

Here are steps of Plavini Pranayama:

  • In this pranayama position yourself as padmasana, siddhasana or vajrasana sit in those positions and make sure your back, head, and your spine keep those straight before starting the exercise.
  • In that movement when you're doing all this that time keep your hands and shoulders free. Start taking a breath in the normal way.
  • After that start rounding your lips in a very slow way and start to swallow the breath from your mouth just like you used to drink the water. It will abdomen muscles go out and it looks like a balloon filled with air.
  • And try to hold the air into your stomach as much as you can hold the breath.
  • After the exhale the all the air through your mouth wait navel chakra will indicate you.
  • Do the exact process 2-5 times in a day, then you can find a result.


Plavini Pranayama: Steps of Plavini Pranayama, Benefits and Precautions -MergeZone
Plavini Pranayama


Benefits of Pranayama:

Once you are done with the steps then you can know about the amazing benefits which are mentioned below :


Here the benefits:

  • A person's abdomen is filled with air by doing this a person survives without water and food for many days.
  • This pranayama improves the blood flow in your body.
  • It controls the blood pressure and sugar in your body 
  • Plavini also improves cleansing breathing, it enhanced the body's immunity power. Plavini produces immense energy retained by air.
  • Plavini also helps people to feel much lighter they are used to be.
  • In plavini pranayama when you hold your breath it helps digestion and it helps to relieves acidity.
  • It increases the significance of age.