Savitri Pranayama(Rhythmic Breathing): Steps, Precautions and Key benefits of Savitri Pranayama

Savitri Pranayama(Rhythmic Breathing): Steps, Precautions and Key benefits of Savitri Pranayama -MergeZone

What is Savitri Pranayama?

Savitri pranayama is breathing exercise that teaches you to breathe deep and slow. Savitri pranayama savitri comes from the Sanskrit language. Savitri Pranayama has the special technique Rhythm breathing. It is repeating breathing inhale and exhale process that inhaling not only the body but also the Soul. Breathing exercise is too important for our body in that pranayama specially forced on the breathing technique is very useful for lungs.

Basic Things about Savitri Pranayama

Pranayama makes the mind clam that purifies your negative vibes. Pranayama strengths and tune your body for any kind of hardworking that Savitri pranayama involves slow and deep breathing that helps many patients who have breathing problems. This pranayama can be done when you are lying down; it is very helps for aged peoples. It increases in the body vital capacity, Breath holding time, Maximum expiratory pressure.

Savitri Pranayama(Rhythmic Breathing): Steps, Precautions and Key benefits of Savitri Pranayama -MergeZone

Steps of Savitri Pranayama:

Savitri pranayama is basically breathing technique that evolves into a pranayama day by day. Breathing exercise also done by its own way if you do wrong then you can be face some issues that can cause you breathing difficulties, if you want do this exercise then you have to do in a proper manner. 

So Here are steps :

  • You can seat in the cross leg position and straight your spine and if you are not comfortable in cross leg position you can do by lying down or standing.
  • All of you are well know that this is breathing exercise so you have to inhale air from your nose as much as you can. Don’t try to over exert yourself by expanding your belly.
  • As you inhale the air from your nose now it’s time exhale air from your mouth. You have to remember that inhale and exhale time got to be same.
  • When you are exhale then air from your mouth by pushing your lips making the “Whoosh” sound. At least for 6-7 seconds.
  • By this manner you can do savitri pranayama 6 days a week you can take a day off. You have to at least for 12 weeks.

What are the precautions of Savitri Pranayama (Rhythmic Breathing)?

Here are some normal precautions you need to follow before practicing this yoga,

  • While practicing Rhythmic breathing do not make loud sound and make sure to breath steadily and in a rhythmic way.
  • If you feel the feel dizzy while practicing does avoid and try to do normal breathing yoga and pranayama.  
  • People with chronic medical condition should first seek for a doctor and also a yoga teacher.
  • As a beginner you should start this by inhaling slowly and steadily. 
  • Always remember that every pranayama specially breathing technique should be done alter the mastery or a basic knowledge in Asanas.
  • If anyone is suffering from breathing related issues then use the help of any yoga gurus and practice with proper instructions.  
  • Make sure to breathe through nose.
  • If you have gastric, heat, and acid-related issues then do it with teacher.
  • Do not hurry while practicing and if you feel tired hen take a break of 10-15 minutes.
Savitri Pranayama(Rhythmic Breathing): Steps, Precautions and Key benefits of Savitri Pranayama -MergeZone

What are the key benefits of Savitri Pranayama?

Rhythmic Breaching helps us in many ways and key benefits o it is discussed below, 

As compared to normal breathing where we use only 15% of our lung capacity in Deep Rhythmic Breathing, we use almost 70% of our lung capacity which helps increases the utilization power of our lungs. As we draw more air than regular in this pranayama our blood gets more purified and oxygenated which prevents toxifications.  

Every breathing pranayama helps us mentally in a better approach, Rhythmic Breathing also does the same, and practicing Savitri pranayama energized our Bio-Plasmic Body or Energy Body. It's more like a turning on power by touching your tongue in the palate and start inhaling slowly, thus by holding it you draw more power, and by exhaling you get rid of used energy. 

  • Helps to reduce aggressive behavior in males.  
  • Decreased the symptoms of asthma in Children's.  
  • Purified blood will improve the functionality of many organs like the heart, nervous system, lungs, brain, digestive system, immune system, etc. 
  • Helps to focus and concentrate on a single thought. 
  • Regular practice can reduce Hypertension and Anxiety. 
  • Also beneficial for less stress and fatigue throughout the day.