Health Benefits and Facts About Caviar Lime or Finger Lime

Health Benefits and Facts About Caviar Lime or Finger Lime -MergeZone

What Is Caviar lime?

Caviar Limes also known as Finger Limes binomially knows as Citrus Australasica is an Australian fruit with a slight taste of sour, sweetness, and have a bit taste of mint in it. This lime consists of tiny and round juicy citrus pearls which have a tangy and sour flavor when it explodes in the mouth. It is an exotic and rarely available Australian native fruit part of a Genus Microcitrus which is under the Commercial Crop.

Caviar Lime is neither a fish nor a perfectly called lime as mentioned earlier it is a part of Micro Citrus and the taste of it can make any dish delicious and give a bit taste of tart and tangy with crunchiness. The main use of finger lime is in culinary activities. The thin, pithy, and waxy peel has special uses like zesting but the pulp was eaten separately. The color of the peel and pulp can vary depending on the weather and many things, the peel can be light green to dark green even red and the pulp or the juicy pearls can be white, yellow, red, pink, and light to dark shades.

Caviar Lime or Finger Lime trees are small and grows on lowland subtropical rainforest in the coastal border area of Queensland and New South Wales region of Australia and it is a three to seven centimeters diminutive fruit. The first commercial use of Caviar Lime started in Australia in the mid-1990s and 2000 for the first time it was exported freshly worldwide in the market and sold in restaurants.

Health Benefits and Facts About Caviar Lime or Finger Lime -MergeZone

Facts About Caviar Lime:

There are certain needed facts and information about Caviar Lime or Finger Lime to know are given below

Name Caviar Lime/Finger Lime
Scientific Name Citrus Australasica
Other Names Queensland Finger, Sauvage Lime, Australian Finger Lime
Origin Australia (Subtropical Rainforest mainly Queensland and New South Wales Coastal area)
Climates Rainy and Dry Subtropical Lowland
Soil Condition Deep loamy soils with adequate irrigation
Plant Size 2-5 Meter (7 ft to 23 ft)
Leaf Small and Glabrous with 1–5 cm long by 3–25 mm wide
Flower Small Pink color with 1-3 mm long
Flowering Season February – April
Seed 5-6 mm long
Fruit Season May – June
Fruit Size 4-8 cm long
Fruit Color Green, Pinkish Red, Redish Black
Fruit Skin and Shape Cylindrical and Finger shaped sometimes curved with Rough, Thin but Durable skin
Flesh Color Green, Pink, Yellow, Red
Flavor Zesty Citrus, Fresh and Cooked Apple
Taste Tart and Bitterness
Propagation Seed, Cutting, Grafting
Peak Season Winter also Year-Round

There are also some nutrition facts about Caviar Lime which also helpful for readers, Nutrients of a single raw of caviar contains these 

properties amount(gm)
Carbs 7 gm
Sugar 1gm
Sodium 1gm
Dietary Fiber 2gm
Vitamin A 1%
Vitamin C 32%
Calcium 2%
Iron 2%

Health Benefits and Facts About Caviar Lime or Finger Lime -MergeZone

What are The Benefits of Caviar Lime?

There are many benefits of caviar lime or finger lime in terms of health as it has 32% of Vitamin C and is also known to be very high in Vitamin E. The taste of it not only delicious also good for the diet. Some of the key benefits of Caviar Lime are described below

Improvement In Immune System:

In Caviar Lime the Vitamin-C is found almost 32% rather than other nutrients and everyone knows that Vitamin-C is best for our strong Immune System. So, eating Finger or Caviar lime protects your body from many viruses and bacteria, and in time of flu and other raspatory infection, it would be truly beneficial.

Skin Related Problems:

Again Vitamin-C plays a vital role here as it is also known for keeping skin cells newly looking and makes beautiful by zapping free radicals which damage the skin cells causing acceleration of skin aging. As Vitamin-E is one of the nutrients of it along with Vitamin A and C it also helps to prevent Aging in early stages.

Better Eye-Vision:

As we know that this lime has also Vitamin-A in it which keeps our eye vision clear and in a good shape. Vitamin-A works as an Antioxidant in our body and safeguards our peepers from free radicals which cause loss of vision.

Blood Pressure:

Caviar Lime consists of some sort of potassium too which is very helpful for decreasing blood pressure. People with high blood pressure can eat this and make their blood pressure normal by lowering its which also prevents heart-related diseases.

Prevent Iron-Deficiency-Anemia:

We all know that iron-containing food and fruits can help to prevent the risk of Iron-Deficiency-Anemia and as we know that Caviar Lime contains iron which is a decent amount for prevention. And it helps to create RBSs which make sure that the blood carries the O2 throughout our body.

Teeth Related Problems:

Vitamin-C is known for Scurvy-Fighter and Finger lime has most of it. Scurvy happens due to low vitamin-c and eating Finger lime can make your teeth scurvy-free with a great approach.