Indian Protein Rich Food for Vegetarians


Indian Protein Rich Food for Vegetarians -MergeZone

Along with two other nutrients, Carbohydrates and Fat Protein is the third and one of the most efficient Macronutrients in our body that ensure mostly our muscles mass to build properly. These macronutrients provide a great amount of energy to sustain life where a single gram of Protein has at least 4 calories. Protein is basically of amino acid blocks, made of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, or sulfur. Those amino acid block makes protein block then the protein block builds the muscle mass. A massive source of protein products comes from animal sources like meat, fish, egg, etc. But there are a lot of vegetables and fruits and food that contains a lot of protein banks.

Some benefits of Protein Rich Vegetarian Food are  

  • Protein is used to build muscle and bone blocks and also keeps your skin glowing.
  • It helps to supply many nutrients in red blood cells that have protein compounds.
  • It also helps to heal faster any wound or injury also keeps your weight in healthy shape.
  • Protein curbs hunger and helps to prevent many diseases in our body.

List of Indian Protein Rich Vegetarian Food

There are a lot of vegetables and food sources that are known for their high rich protein amount. As we know Egg has the highest amount of protein bank but a lot of Veg food contains a lot of protein even many vegetables and fruit have turned into protein powder. Now let's look at some best rich vegetarian Indian protein food which are described below.

Lentils (Daal)

Indian Protein Rich Food for Vegetarians -MergeZone

Lentils or Daal is the most common and part of every meal in Indian dishes and food. It is so easily available and inexpensive and comes in various forms like and flavor arhar, urad, or moong. The fiber protein and other minerals help to lose fat rapidly and it can be eaten in form of soup or can be eaten with roti and rice. 

The protein amount of 1 or 2 cup Lentils is more likely 14-16 grams which are sometimes more than an egg.


Indian Protein Rich Food for Vegetarians -MergeZone

Chickpeas contain a lot of protein and also fiber with iron, phosphate, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin K but it does not have many calories. It can be served boiled or you can make a delicious dish from it like curry and use in panner for better taste.

1 or 2 cup of cooked Chickpeas contains 7-9-gram protein.


Indian Protein Rich Food for Vegetarians -MergeZone

Soybean is one of the most protein-containing Indian vegetarian food which is truly beneficial for our health too if eaten often. The fat amount is low in it but it has a great amount of Vitamin C with calcium, fiber, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Mostly it can be eaten cooked or as a curry with rice.

A bowl of Cooked Soybean can contain at least 28-30 grams of protein.


Indian Protein Rich Food for Vegetarians -MergeZone

Peanuts or nuts or in India it is locally known as Moong Fali is filled with high rich protein and carbohydrates and also it has a good amount of Vitamin E. It can be eaten using in any dishes even for a good result you should use it in daily diet veg dishes and also can eat separately as a snack with a little bit of salt.

1 or 2 cups or a bowl of peanuts can have 7-8 grams of protein.


Indian Protein Rich Food for Vegetarians -MergeZone

Milk has a lot of calcium in it but do you know that it has a great source of protein which is truly beneficial for our health like for our strong teeth and immune system, better bone condition, and glowing skin. So drinking milk regularly can make your health better and protein full filled.

1 cup of Milk contains 7-9 grams of protein with a good amount of calcium.


Indian Protein Rich Food for Vegetarians -MergeZone

Paneer in India is like the main and best vegetarian food or dishes which can also be made in the home. Cheese or Paneer is high in protein and calcium which is helpful to burn fat but does not have many calories. It can be eaten with some fruit or also can be eaten cooked in different forms like curry or soup or like fries.

50-60 grams of panner can have 13-14 grams of protein.


As we know that vegetables are known for Minerals and vitamins but some vegetables contain a bit amount of Carbohydrates and Protein. These vegetables don't have much protein but 1 cup of cooked and boiled vegetables can have 5-6 grams of protein. Vegetables like spinach, potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and asparagus have more protein than other vegetables.


Fruit such as banana guava and some limited berries have a very decent amount of protein. Usually, fruits don’t have protein sources.


  • Navy beans have 20 grams of protein per cup.
  • Mixed nuts have 6 grams of protein per 2-ounce serving.
  • Quinoa can have 8 grams of protein per 1-cup serving.
  • Edamame has 8 grams of protein per half-cup serving.
  • Soba noodles have 12 grams of protein per 3-ounce serving.
  • Greek yogurt can have a minimum of 23 grams of protein per 8-ounce serving.