Kaffir Lime: Benefits , Facts , Uses and History

Kaffir Lime: Benefits , Facts , Uses and History -MergeZone

What is Kaffir Lime?

Kaffir Lime or Makrut Lime scientifically known as Citrus Hystrix is a part of the Citrus family fruit. The name “Kaffir” came from the German word “Kafer” which means “Bug” maybe just because it attracts so many bugs and insects but also there are some controversies that say that “Kaffir” name was used by White Africans for the Black people disrespecting them, meaning “Infidel”. Many countries still do not use Kaffir to describe it as it was a ban or illegal to say, still, there are a lot of alternative names of it but widely used names are Kaffir, Makrut, and Thai Lime. Other names of Kaffir Lime are Mauritius papeda, papeda, leach lime, Kaffir Citrus, rough lemon, Indonesian lime leaves, limau purut, Mauritius bitter orange, Thai limes, Caffir Lime, Ichang Lime, Swangi, Porcupine Orange, Porcupine Orange Lime, Thai Bai Makrut, Wart Lime, Wild Lime, Nardanga, Kieffer lime, Shauk-nu, Som makrut, and Jeruk sambal.

Flavor and Use:

It has a unique tart and strong pleasant flavor than the other citrus fruits. Not only the fruit is beneficial but also the leaves are so much useful too. The fruit has a wide range of use for culinary purposes also it has great use in herbal medicine and truly beneficial for our health system. The Kaffir Lime is mainly used in soup, sauces, and dishes for flavor and better taste. The oil extracted from the leave is used with many things like shampoos, soaps, salves, fragrances, and in cosmetic products too. All over the fruit, leaves and rind have great use in different purposes.

History and Origin:

The fruit is specifically from tropical Southeast Asia and Southern China including Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand. First Pierre Sonnerat collected the specimens of it in 1771-1772 and it appears in text and books under the name firstly given Kaffir Lime in 1868, in Ceylon.


Kaffir Lime: Benefits , Facts , Uses and History -MergeZone


Some quick facts about Kaffir Lime are discussed below shortly -

Name Kaffir Lime
Scientific Name Citrus Hystrix
Climates Dry But Uncertain Climate
Soil Condition Thrives In Organic Rich, Fertile And Well-drained
Plant Size 2 To 11 Meters (6 To 35 ft) Tall
Leaf Alternate, Unifoliolate, Broadly Ovate To Ovate-oblong, Dark Green with 15 Cm Long By 5 Cm Wide
Flower White Small With Fragrance With 4-5 Petals
Season No Particular Season (Seeding And Grafting)
Seed 1.5–1.8 By 1–1.2 Cm
Fruit Size 5–7 Cm Diameter
Fruit Color Green And Yellowish-green
Fruit Skin And Shape Thick And large, Verrucose, Warty Or Bumpy, Globose, Ovoid To Elliptic
Flesh Color Yellowish Tone
Flavor Typical Citrus Fragrance
Taste Sweet

There are also some nutrition helpful facts about Kaffir Lime (1 Lime=67gm) which are given below

properties amount(gm)
Calories 60-70 Calories
Fat 1G
Carbohydrates 7G
Protein 9G
Cholesterol 25Mg
Sodium 1210 Mg
Vitamin A 2%
Vitamin C 48%
Calcium 20Mg

Kaffir Lime: Benefits , Facts , Uses and History -MergeZone

Kaffir Lime Benefits:

  • Inhaling with the products or leaves or these soothing vapors can relieve you from stress and anxiety not in a great way but it can help to feel better.
  • Kaffir Lime can be used as an Antitoxin and Anti-Bacterial fruit as it has the qualities to prevent those diseases and infection which makes our immunity system strong enough to fight.
  • Kaffir Lime helps to prevent the detoxification of blood and cures patients suffering from blood-borne illnesses or chronic blood-related diseases.
  • If you drink the juice of it or eat the leaves or apply the oil where you feel pain it will work perfectly and beneficial for those who are suffering from rheumatism, edema, arthritis, gout, or other inflammatory condition.
  • Use of it reduces the appearance of age marks, scars, and pimples.
  • Kaffir oil used in perfumes makes the air fresh and makes the room condition calm and clean by keeping bacteria away.
  • The extracted oil used in liquid and tonics cleansed the blood.
  • If anyone extracts and boils the kaffir lime with fresh water for 30 minutes and then drinks it warm then it'll heal the sickness and fatigues.
  • Eating and Drinking Kaffir lime make your digestive system strong and promotes better oral health.
  • Drinking kaffir lime leaves with honey or palm sugar with a mixture of warm water can relieve you from cough.
  • Makrut Lime can cure sprue and it helps to prevent cancer in a way.
  • Lime oil can be used as an anti-bacterial lotion and products that have used the oil like shampoo strengthen the hair and facial products can glow your skin.