Kevala Kumbhaka : Benefits, Steps and Time of Practice

Kevala Kumbhaka : Benefits, Steps and Time of Practice -MergeZone
Kevala Kumbhaka

What is Kevala Kumbhaka?

Kevala kumbhaka, means "Isolated Breath Retention" in English. this Kevala Kumbhaka Pranayama is a yogic breathing technique in which the breath is held and is often practiced in pranayama along with the meditation. This form of breathing concentrates on holding the breath, not on or directly after an explicit inhalation or exhalation.

Kevala Kumbhaka Benefits:

  • Kevala Kumbhaka Helps to remove impurities from the physical body
  • Purifies Nadis – energy body channels
  • Boosts physical and mental vitality
  • Improves concentration
  • Clears and stills the mind
  • Allows easily enter the state of Presence
  • Develops Sidhi – super normal capabilities

Kevala Kumbhaka Pranayama Steps:


If anyone wants to perform kevala Kumbhaka that requires the application of both the Jalandhara and the Mula Bandhas, in addition, the rib case gently “hugs” your lungs at first.


Sama Vritti Ujjayi (example, the vritti count is 6 OMs). To begin, you have to apply the two bandhas when you near the end of your inhale and retain the breath for 2 OMs( no more than that). then you slowly press your ribs against the expanded lungs. Then you exhale, concurrently releasing Mula Bandha, and when you finished, you can raise your head to neutral positions. 


Generally, your first kevala Kumbhakas should be 1/3 to 1/2 the length of your Sama Vritti count. you should Practice at this level until you’re completely comfortable with it, which may take several weeks or longer even months.


Then you shorter the number of Ujjayis slowly between each Kumbhakas until you can retain your normal breathing from comfortably for 2 OMs. on sequential inhales for about 5 to 6 minutes. Then you have to increase your Kumbhakas to 3 OMs, but again you have to separate them by 2 to 3 Ujjayi's. Then again gradually bring down the Ujjayis count you can comfortably retain for 3 OMs on sequential inhales for about 5 minutes.


At last, you have to proceed methodically until your kevala Kumbhaka count matches your Sama Vritti count or breathing. Now STOP the pranayama.

Kevala Kumbhaka : Benefits, Steps and Time of Practice -MergeZone
Kevala Kumbhaka

Recommended Practice:

  • You can Practice kevala kumbhaka daily, five rounds with a pause in-between each round.
  • You begin with a count of 5 seconds of inhalation and 10 seconds retention. then you can Gradually increase it by 1 sec/every week when practiced daily.

Other breathing Exercises:

Before attempting Kevala Kumbhaka Pranayama in regular basic, some other pranayama exercises is recommended such as: