What is Kumquat Fruit and What are the Benefits of it?


What is Kumquat Fruit and What are the Benefits of it? -MergeZone

What are Kumquats?

Kumquat is binomially known as “Citrus Japonica” is previously classified under the family “Fortunella” or “Citrus”, but currently it is under the family “Rutaceae”. It is a native fruit to China and in the early 1700s Kumquat firstly was cultivated in China and South Asia and the South-Pacific region. Then in 1846 Robert Fortune, collector for the London Horticultural Society introduced Kumquat in Europe and then in North America. Kumquat's name derives from the Chinese name “Gām-Gwāt” which means “Golden Orange”. 

Kumquat does have a lot of variety depending on the weather and places it was farmed and grown. There are several types of Kumquat like Hong Kong Kumquat, Jiangsu Kumquat, and Malayan Kumquat but among them, there are three most popular types of Kumquat Fruit, these are

  • Round Kumquat or Marumi Kumquat: it is an evergreen tree and round-shaped small in size and it tastes sour inside and the peel is sweet. It is the most popular and cultivated kumquat among the other ones.
  • Oval Kumquat or Nagami Kumquat: It is an ovoid and the tree is small compare to others and the fruit can be eaten whole with peel. The peel tastes extremely sweet and the fruit taste is sour as we know. Because of its small size, it can be cultivated in the pot like a bonsai.
  • The Meiwa Kumquat: It has an oval-shaped fruit with thick leaves and can be eaten with a peel at all. In the 19th century it was brought to Japan and then onwards it was cultivated in Japan.

Kumquat is the type of orange but small in size and oval-shaped. It grows on evergreen trees and it can be 2-5 meters with thornless branches and has glossy green leaves with bright white flowers. The fruit is mainly oval and round-shaped and Orange-Yellow to Golden-Orange with a flavor of juicy sour and extremely mouth-puckeringly taste. 

Kumquat can be eaten just after plucking them from the tree as raw fruit also it can be eaten even cooked, candied, and also can be used as a jam or jellies. Not only that it is used to make pickles also and can be preserved in sugar, salt, or vinegar.

What is Kumquat Fruit and What are the Benefits of it? -MergeZone

Facts About Kumquat:

Here below in the table, we listed the most common and important facts frequently asked about Kumquat or Golden Orange (used in the China region).

Name Kumquat
Scientific Name Citrus Japonica
Other Names Golden Orange, kim Quất, muntala, jiangsu Kumquat, meiwa Kumquat etc.
Origin South Asia And The Asia-pacific Region, Mainly China.
Climates Hot Summer, from 25 °C To 38 °C Also Seaside with Well-drained Soil.
Plant Size 2.5 To 4.5 Meters (8 To 15 ft) Tall
Leaf Glossy dark Green Leaves
Flower White Flower
Fruit Size 2.5 Cm (1 Inch) In Diameter
Fruit Color Bright Orange-yellow
Shape Mainly round Or Oval Shaped
Taste Sour

Kumquat is also known for its nutrients properties as it is very much beneficial for health and commercial purposes too. Let's have a quick look at some nutrients amounts on a Kumquat Fruit described below. 4-5 equivalent to 100gm of Kumquat fruit can contain these nutrients values listed  

Properties Amount
Calories 71 kcal
Carbs 16 grams
Fat 1 gram
Protein 2 grams
Fiber 6.5 grams
Vitamin C 43.9 mg
Vitamin A 15 μg
Calcium 62 mg
Manganese 20 mg
Phosphorus 19 mg
Potassium 186 mg
Sodium 10 mg

What are The Key Benefits of Kumquat?

All citrus fruit has a great benefit in terms of health as they have a good number of nutrients amount and especially vitamin c. So, like any other Citrus fruit Kumquat is also beneficial in our health and fitness. Now, let's have a look at some key benefits of Kumquat

Gallstone Problem

Some people can be seen with Gallstone, consisting of small stones in gall deposits and it can be very painful if gets increased. It can also cause inflammation in the gallbladder. Research says that Kumquat has limonene which can cure gallstone effectively.

Better Digestive System

Kumquat is a rich source of fiber that can help you improve your digestive system and it can also prevent stool retention, constipation, and colitis.

Glowing Skin and Anti-Aging

Vitamin C in kumquat helps your skin cell to regenerate and protein cell in our skin (collagen) is highly dependent on Vitamin C to keeps our skin glow.

As we know Vitamin A is known as an antioxidant that reduces skin cell damage as a result, we look younger also in our old age.

What is Kumquat Fruit and What are the Benefits of it? -MergeZone

Cure Scurvy

Scurvy is caused by a lack of Vitamin C and citrus fruit like Kumquat has a rich amount of vitamin c which can prevent scurvy. Scurvy can have a bad effect even can damage our air, skin, mouth even nails. So, eating a kumquat with its peel would be more effective to fight scurvy.

Boost Metabolism and Immunity

Metabolism is the rate at which you burn calories or energy. Metabolism is our body can spend more energy due to the digestion of macromolecules in our digestive system. So, B-Complexes in kumquat can boost your system properly.

Kumquat, a great source of vitamin c can make your immunity stronger and, in some countries, it is used to make cough syrup and medicine for the respiratory tract.

Improve Vision and Hair Growth

Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene in kumquat work as an antioxidant in our body and fight over the macular cells and macular degeneration which keeps our vision better and clear.

Vitamin C can improve your hair follicle and scalp which helps you to grow your hair and reduce hair fall.

Others Benefits are:

  • Vitamin c in it also helps you to heal faster than regular and it is very much helpful for your Blood Vessels and Collagen.
  •  As we know that our body doesn't produce vitamin c but kumquat has a good amount of vitamin c that can help to gain muscle and Cartilage.
  • Many nutrients in Kumquat helps to Improve Bone Density.
  • The high fiber amount can be useful to control your Blood Sugar.
  • High Fiber content also helps you control and lose your weight in a better approach.
  • Vitamin A also can help you in your growth and reproduction.